Vladimir that is known as Saint Petersburg. He attended

Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia elected in the year 2000 and reelected in 2004, was born on October 7 , 1952 in a place that is known as Saint Petersburg. He attended a school as a child called School No.3 193 Baskov Lane and later on in his adolescent years he studied German at Saint Petersburg High School and as a young adult he studied law at the Saint Petersburg State University in 1970 and graduated in 1975.  In 1990-1996 he became a part of Saint Petersburg administration which was a pretty great accomplishment. In1996-1999 his early Moscow career began (pretty sure that’s in Russia). In 1999 he became one of three first deputy prime ministers. In 1999-2000 Yeltsin had resigned unexpectedly and, from what  the constitution of Russia says, Putin became acting president of the Russian Federation.

In 2000-2004 his first term of presidency began and shortly after his second term in  2004-2008 began. Since then Russia’s laws have changed allowing Putin a third term in 2012 which makes the current president of Russia.The Crimean War in 1853-1856 was fought in East Europe in the Black Sea on Crimea’s land (Ukraine) between Russia and their allies: Britain, France, the Ottoman Empire, and Sardinia. This war was caused by Russia who wanted to take advantage of the Ottoman Empire’s weakening state. In the end the allies won, but sadly Russia lost. Crimea is connected to Ukraine and practically touches Russia at a small part.

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Russia finds The Ukraine and Crimea paramount because of the conflict they have. It’s also paramount because it affects American policy as well as trade for these regions. Their plans for resolving this are to involve the United State and the E.

U. in talks of peace with Russia to reach a tactful solution that is pleasing to the West. American Exceptionalism is used to describe the historic belief that America is unique and separate, and a moral guide for other nations. Putin had his own thing to say about American Exceptionalism.

Putin said ” It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation”. He also said that we may all be different but when we ask for the Lord’s blessings, we cannot forget that God created us equal (Washington Post). To me this is saying that when we make people feel superior we will fail as a country especially since we were all created equal even if we were cut from a different fabric. Treating celebrities with such superiority only brings our country as a whole down the drain and cause us to look idiotic to other countries. I agree with Putin’s argument. Encouraging people to see themselves as superior is quite dangerous. Doing so has the capability to harm our country. When people hold a title over their head it only  displays how ignorant we are.

 In conclusion Vladimir Putin is still Russia’s president, and has his own opinion on American exceptionalism. American’s need to stop feeling so entitled so that we as a nation can all move on and grow as a whole.