Vishal not know” The Cave and the prisoner inside

Vishal MohanMs.

Roccari HZT4U1c15 December 2017 Appearance is more appealing than reality: The ‘Cave’ and itsimplications           Platotake on reality is to explore ignorance in the face of truth and the relationto actual verity. The allegory of the cave arises in part because Socrates istrying to explain our discomfort with, and resistance to, the conclusions ofphilosophy. The cave represents the ignorance and people who do not seekwisdom. Plato introduced the concept of the Forms. He explains the forms asconstant objects that are the most real things; the world we perceive is a dimshadow of Forms. The Paradigm changes when humans acquires more knowledge andsee the reality of life as explained by Plato’s Allegory of the Cave.           Peoplewith just sensory perception are ignorant and rather stay in ignorance thanknow the truth as Socrates says, “wisest is he who knows that he does not know” The Cave and the prisoner inside both symbolizeignorance in the world.

Thewall which the prisoners face describes the extent of our thinking, and theshadows on the wall show a world which Plato considers an illusion. In Plato’sview there is two types of perception, sensory perception and spiritual perception.Sensory perception is the world we see with our eyes.   (bachelorandmaster) With senses we can see beauty but notgoodness of inner-self. It provides only an illusion. People frequently findthemselves in situations where they are presented with appearances known to bemisleading. People of cave believed that illusions or what they saw in the cavewere the most real things in the world.  When a person of knowledge goesinto a world of people who can understand only the sensory perception theywould laugh at him, they would be critical of the value of leaving the cave forto the surface and ultimately.

If they too were to be forced out of the cave,they would kill those trying to illuminate them and explain the real worldoutside like Socrates. It is easier to be ignorant than to know the truth. The freed prisoner questions hisbeliefs, while the prisoner’s still in the cave have come to accept what theyhave been shown, without questioning it.  (Anam ) Education isa way to gain spiritual perception which provides us with divine enlightenmentand helps us to see what is the reality and truth in ourselves and around us asGerman philosopher Martin Heidegger says, “to be human is to exist… to exist isto transcend…” The upward journey of the prisoner from the darkness of the caveto the blinding light of wisdom mirrors the mind’s ascent from the visibleworld. The course of progressing out of the cave is about getting educated andit is a difficult process.

Sometime it requires a push like the prisoner beingdragged out the cave to see the real world. The allegory of the cave shows usthe relation between education and truth. Plato explains the vital function ofeducation is not to enlighten us but takes us through the path ofenlightenment. Prisoners eyes were dazzled going back to the cave, symbolizesour difficulty to accept ignorance after knowing the reality. This concept oflearning process differs from one another. This is applicable to sensory leaningbut not to the true education which is the spiritual enlightenment, which welearn from the heart. According to Plato education is the process of learningspiritual knowledge and true philosophy.

Plato says that philosophicaleducation requires a reorientation of the whole self. Plato believed that education can change one’sentire life because it involves turning the soul. Education is for the tasnforamtionof the self.

Ex. For the prisoners to educate themselves they need to turntheir whole body around which includes, their souls and passions. Education furthersthe transition from the darkness to the light, which represents knowledge andtruth.  (Anam) Reality and truth liesin the permanent knowledge and ideas instead of materialistic world as in thecave. Human beings have chance to live in a visible and changing material worldand also in an intelligible and permanent world. The The real world is the world where we see, hear andexperience. Since the world undergoes many changes, we cannot have trueknowledge of it, therefore it is merely an illusion.

The real world is one which hasmany ideas, and the things there have unchanging forms. We can only know thereal world through reason. There is a comparison between the intelligent worldand the world of illusion, the intelligible world or real world is the basis ofreality. The world of illusion is the distorted version of reality, or the realworld.

The reason the world of illusion is understandable is because it usesthe ideas of the intelligible as support. The basis of reality does not reside besidethe world of illusion but transcends it.   (tamayaosbc) For example, what makes a show home of a builderstunning are not the materialistic things like furniture, lighting and flowervases but the idea behind its physical existence, the mind which builds thistogether to make it jaw dropping. Plato depicts two worlds in his allegory ofcave, world of things which is cave and illusions seen by the prisoners andworld of ideas seen by the prisoner outside sighting the unchanging Sun. Heportrays “true knowledge” are achieved from the world of ideas and only”opinions” are given about the world of things.  Man’s belief’s often concernindividual things, sometimes that knowledge may be true but it is more likelyfalse because these things are constantly changing.

The real world is divided intotwo section reason and intelligence. (tamayaosbc) . On the side of reason,there is knowledge like mathematics, and on the side of intelligence, there isknowledge that lead to the understanding of the ultimate good.

(tamayaosbc) Plato explains thatthere is ignorance in the face of reality that is evident in the allegory ofthe cave.  He further goes into, the concept of discomfort towardsphilosophy, ignorance relation to wisdom, and Plato concept on the forms. Theview of the person changes, to see the reality which is shown in the Allegoryof the Caves.