Video video games to be regulated. Others felt that

Video Games              Video games facilitates innovation in this knowledge based economy.  The habitual playing of video games enables children to become more focused and innovative.  Its popularity however, has sprouted controversy between those who appreciates the value of video games and those who see it otherwise.  Its distractors perceive video games as excessively harmful that they wanted video games to be regulated.  Others felt that video games are in fact beneficial for children’s cognitive development because it facilitates learning and teaches teamwork.               Advocates of video games believe that video games help improve one’s cognitive ability as the challenges to overcome obstacles in video games to be able to reach new level encourages cognitive thinking.  It also teaches teamwork for players to achieve their objective and reach new level.

  For example, in the game “counter strike, a team of 3 to 4 members with a leader has to work together and strategize on how to defeat an opponent or do an attack to a virtual enemy.  The approaches are countless and it encourages team members to strategize and cooperate to be able to overcome the enemy.  These kind of strategizing and problem solving education that players get cannot be learned in school albeit there are now few educators who are using the concepts of video games in teaching.

              As earlier mentioned, video games are excellent platform to teach teamwork where friendship can even be developed among virtual teammates.   The social support provided by video games can keep away children from using drugs or other harmful vices.  For example, in the game “Call of Duty 4”, team members can talk with each other through a headset to be able to effectively work together.

  In the process friendships are forms and in my case, even helped developed my English and social skills.              Critics of video games does not believe that video games can also teach self-control.  They blame it for children’s low grades and fear that children may become aggressive.  But such is not the case according to the study of Prof. Williams who posited that there are many factors that contribute to one’s aggressiveness and self-control which includes environment and one’s genes.  Genetic make-up contributes to one’s aggressiveness and not playing video games.              It is my hoped that parents would not ban their children from playing video games because it will only make the children want to play more.

  I believe that the proper approach to video games is to regulate children to play video games in moderation and not to totally ban them from playing it. citation:Hughes, %. (2014, April 24).

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