Victor’s famous natural philosophers of all time drives him

Victor’s ambition to become known as one of the famous natural philosophers of all time drives him into his extravagant arrogance.

Victor grows up in a household where he lives in a wealthy, and healthy environment for him to learn many things. His father is very compassionate towards his son and he persuades him to further his knowledge. However, his father, Alphonse, does not encourage Victor to learn the natural philosophy because he thinks that natural philosophy is pointless. As he says, “…

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do not waste your time upon this; it is sad trash.” (Shelley 30) This shows how Victor’s father is against him by telling him to not waste his time on such matter. This advice of his father does not fear him which drives Victor to stimulate curiosity and to study further into it. For instance, when Victor puts work into the search of the philosopher’s stone, “My dreams were therefore undisturbed by reality; I entered with the greatest diligence into the search of philosopher’s stone and the elixir of life.

” (Shelley 31) This demonstrates Victor’s strong ambition of becoming a natural philosopher. Victor goes further in depth of studying science when he enters university. During his time at school, he continuously studies in further detail about how to create a living creature that makes his curiosity stronger. In Brackett’s article, Frankenstein, she states that Victor will live normally if he does not let his pride control him. “Had he not held himself in such higher esteem while a young man, he would not have reviewed the creation of the monster as necessary.” (Brackett 2) Brackett believes that Victor does not have the characteristics to be a good and responsible creator as he does not value things as a young man. He ignores his father’s teaching and does not give his full attention towards his father’s concern.

It is clear that Victor is not a mature man because he does not take things into consideration that all lead to many troubles. Therefore, due to his pride and high self-esteem, he ends up alone making him fallible. Victor’s ego makes him a fallible character as he never listens to his father even after his father tries stopping him from learning natural philosophy. Clearly, Victor’s aspiration of becoming a great natural philosopher leads to his arrogance making him imperfect.