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Use this simple daily habits to add more gratitude to your life gratitude is a wonderful feeling. It has a large force of attraction. How if we are grateful for something we get it more and more. For example you thank and appreciate a person who is doing good for you and helping you.

In response he will try again to listen thank you or for appreciation. It is hard to develop a habit of gratitude and appreciation but ones who will start it; you will realize how it brings joy and happiness to your life. Use these daily habits in your routine of gratitude to make your life better- 1- thank one person every day make a habit of appreciating people who do something significant to you. There are so many people who are overlooked like office boy janitor. Remind them that they are important and how grateful are you for their presence in your life. Thanks to them it will remind you to never take anyone granted. Never forget to thank your friends and family write a thank you note or message to show gratitude.

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2- appreciate the smallest support/blessings appreciate that you have good clothes to wear you can have three meals a day you are healthy you have a house etc. Not everybody is that lucky to have all the necessary things in their lives. Be grateful to your parents and god who gave you everything you needed. Appreciate the efforts of everyone in your life. Even the person who brings you coffee when you are busy.

3- make a gratitude journal take out time from your schedule and write down about the things you are grateful for. You can write down a list of things or just one or two things. Reread it it will bring positivity in the environment.

Or you can also write down the things you are grateful for today on sticky notes and stick it to the calendar or simply write on the calendar and make a habit of writing it every day. Read it afterward. 4- carry token to remind you to be grateful keep stone crystal or anything in your pocket or in form of locket or bracelet.

As soon as you see it or feel it it will remind you to be grateful. The more consciously you will do efforts to remind yourself the less time you need to make it your habit. 5- appreciate yourself you should appreciate yourself the most. Appreciate your positive attitude your accomplishments your success and your hard work. Start celebrating small successes and appreciate who you are today. Before starting your day and before ending your day remember every good thing happened to you and how grateful you are for another wonderful day.