Until hates it too. In a recent statistic, being

      Until now, telepathy is just a theory, a
phenomenon scientists wish they could prove. 
Twin telepathy is not universal and some pairs of twins do not
experience it at all, but that does not mean it is not real!  Telepathy works when it’s needed, through
physical or emotional pain.  It’s not
exclusive for twins, babies and mothers share telepathy too, and people trying
to deny it will not change its existence

      One of the most remarkable stories that
prove telepathy happened in the U.K. in 2009 with Leanne and Gemma, who are
fraternal twins.  Gemma was in her room
and had this horrible feeling that her sister is in trouble, she went to check
on her and she found out that Leanne was in the bath with her head under water
unconscious, this incident changed their lives and many others when it went
viral (Dube, 2006).  When it comes to
identical twins, the stories are even more interesting.  Terry and Sherry were identical twins
separated at birth; they both had a dream that they would meet each other
wearing a pink and white t-shirt.  Later
in life, they were adopted by the same family and they were wearing the pink
and white t-shirt they dreamed about (Fierro, n.d.).

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      After researchers did their best to prove
to people twin telepathy, the next step was figuring out why it happens.  There are three main reasons but we will be
focusing on the biological reasoning of it. 
Scientist discovered that twins are biologically interchangeable, that
means they are able to communicate with one another, and knowing how the other
twin feels without having any way of knowing (Ringwood, 1989).  Twins can adapt to what’s around them at the
same rate, that’s why when one twin hates something, the other twin hates it
too.  In a recent statistic, being
biologically interchangeable is the reason for telepathy in 30-40% of the cases
(Fierro, n.d.).

      Trying to prove if twin telepathy is real
or not is not an easy task; because there are a lot of stereotypes, myths, and
supernatural stuff that got mixed with facts. 
In some cases telepathy between twins can happen in a really simple way
like ordering the same food, completing each other’s sentences, or having the
same emotions.  But in other cases it
could be out of the ordinary; like feeling labor pains when the other twin is in
labor, or knowing what the other twin is doing without seeing them!  People don’t accept supernatural things so
they explained it as if it is just anecdotes; which are “short and amusing or
interesting stories about a real incident or person” (Wagner, 2016).  Basically, twin telepathy occurs because they
were born and raised together so they know each other very well from the womb.
Telepathy tends to happen less if the twins are separated for long periods of
time; because they lose the connection with time (Jones, 2013).

      Twin telepathy is a controversial subject
to this day, even though it was recognized over a century ago, it was first
documented in 1844 (Radford, 2014). 
Telepathy in general is sensing thoughts and feelings of another person
even when separated by great distance (Dube, 2006).  It mostly happens between twins because of
how close they are to each other, and they acknowledge the ability and use it,
while the rest of the human race think it is all a myth due to lack of
scientific proof.  People often define twin
telepathy as having psychic powers!  While
scientists define it as ESP, which is “a collective term for various hypothetical
mental abilities” (Neer, n.d.).  When it
comes to proving twin telepathy, what kind of twins needs to be taken in
consideration.  There are three kinds of
twins: identical, fraternal, and conjoined.

      The birth of babies is the greatest
miracle a person can witness!  Giving
birth to twin babies is even more magnificent! 
Having twins opens a whole new adventure in a family.  Twins can communicate their thoughts and
ideas by means other than talking; this process is called telepathy.  People’s opinions may differ, but twin
telepathy is real, maybe not scientifically yet, but documented experiences by
twins support its existence.