United this all happened because of cold war. Intelligence

United States remains the one of the first country to have established
the diplomatic relations with Pakistan. But the relations can be extrapolated
that the relations remained strictly based on military and economic support. In
the initial years of Pakistan, Pakistan had to choose between Soviet Union and United
States. Soviet Union extended an invitation to the then Pakistani Prime
Minister, but he opted to visit United States instead. Since then Pakistan has
gained much economic and military support from US. Pakistani leaders frequently
visited United States for economic assistance and in returned United States
requested for various leverages in order to keep an eye on Soviet Union. This
way Pakistan became an important ally for United States during the cold war. During
General Zia tenure, Pakistan and United Sates had friendly relations, which
were particularly based on military to military relations and advancements.  It is during this period that United States
provided billion of dollars to Pakistan in military and economic aid, so much
so that in the year 1987, Pakistan became the second largest recipient of aid
after Israel from United States. And this all happened because of cold war.
Intelligence agencies of both countries, the ISI and CIA launched mutual
operations to prevent Soviet Union forces from further advancing into the

The year 2011 was the disastrous year in Pak- United States
relations. There were back to back three events that shaken the mutual trust
and cooperation between two countries. The Raymond Davis incident, raid in Abbottabad
to capture Osama bin laden and the Salala check post attack were the three
important incidents. The Pak- US relations deteriorated after the Salala
attack, Raymond Davis incident and further plummeted after United States raid
in Abbottabad to capture and kill Osama bin Laden. Pakistan, who is United
States ally in war against terror, has jailed Shakil Afridi who helped America
trace Osama bin Laden. United States indirectly blamed Pakistan to provide safe
hideout to Osama bin Laden but officially denied that they had any evidence
that Pakistani military provided Osama bin laden safe heaven in the garrison
city of Abbottabad. Later, United States intentionally killed Mullah Akhter
Mansur inside Pakistan although he was coming from another country but United
States preferred to kill Akhter on Pakistani soil by drone just to make a point
that Pakistan is still providing safe heavens to Afghan Taliban and United
States knows it and will go after them unilaterally.

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contemporary relations are the most interesting and discussed topic in today’s
time. It is the most imbalanced relation fraught with mistrust. United States
is trying to end the 16 year old war in Afghanistan and it wants to end on “winning
note”. It doesn’t want Afghanistan to be remembered as another Vietnam in
history. President Obama reduced the United States forces to 9400 but President
Trump increased the number of troops as part of his South Asia strategy.  In 2017, President Trump unveiled his South Asia
policy, in which he asked Pakistan to shut down terrorist sanctuaries on its
soil. In the same breath, he warned that Pakistan has much to lose by aiding
terrorists and offering them safe heavens. Another critical part of trump’s
South Asia policy was to invite India to make important economic and strategic
contributions in Afghanistan. Now this is something that is completely
unacceptable to Pakistan. Pakistan Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, on
their maiden United States trip, were asked what role of India, do they see in
Afghanistan and they replied “Zero”.

 Currently, the
relations are in downward trajectory with President Trump attacking Pakistan
via tweets on New Year eve. Pakistan doest accept the Do-more mantra anymore
and apparently willing to risk relations with US. Pakistan apparently doesn’t seem
to worry about reduced economic assistance from United States since Chinese are
ready to fill the gap. For Pakistan, it is already end for this relation. The
Pakistani officials have already made up their minds they won’t go the way United
States wants them to. Pakistan Foreign minister has recently said that there is
not friendship between Pakistan and United States anymore. We are not allies to
United States. The days are over for Pak-US relations since their interests do
not align anymore. United States wants to increase India’s role in Afghanistan
and also to keep an eye on Pakistan. United States wants India to increase
economic assistance and military support to Afghanistan. United States also
fears China rising on the global stage as well as worried about the growing
influence of China on regional stage. United States and India now have shared
security challenges and shared concerns especially in this region, so they
would be embracing each other more in the coming days.