UAN PF accounts. This increase the difficulty in managing

UAN is nothing but Universal Account Number. UAN is created by Employees’ provident Fund Organisation (EPFO). UAN allows employees to easily manage their PF accounts. Whenever an employee changes his/her organisation there is a change in EPF number associated with him/her. Due to this. an employee can have various PF accounts. This increase the difficulty in managing your PF accounts.

Therefore, EPFO created UAN which does not change throughout the lifespan. UAN is 12-digit number which is given to an employee. Every employee is given a unique UAN by EPFO. For creating your unique UAN you must register yourself in EPFO and you must have an EPF account. Advantages of UAN for an employee:1) The process of transferring PF balance becomes efficient and easy due to unique UAN.2) No paperwork is involve in this process which reduces our efforts. 3) You can easily monitor your PF account as you will get a notification message from your bank as soon as PF is deposited.

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4) You can upload KYC documents as well as can download UAN card.  5) Complete transparency in PF and all process is smoothly done in very less amount of time.Following are the steps that are involved in the activation of Universal Account Number(UAN):1) The Universal Account Number(UAN) is given to employees through salary slip.2) Once you know your UAN, you must activate UAN on EPFO website at or www.epfindia.

com3) Now go to “UAN Member Portal”4) Click on “Activate your UAN”5) Select the checkbox “I have read and understood the instructions”6) Fill the necessary information and enter your UAN number7) Enter your mobile number, select state and office.8) Enter Established ID and EPF number9) Do the process of CAPTCHA and select “GET PIN” for mobile authentication.10) Click the check box “I agree” and your 4 digit OTP.11) Then create your username and password.12) Again enter your personal information.13) Re-enter your password.14) Click “Submit” button.

15) A confirmation message about registration process will be arrive on your mobile.16) Sign-in by using your created username and password.17) After downloading UAN card take printout of UAN card and write password and username that can avoid further difficulties.

  Require KYC documents for UAN:1) Ration card2) Passport3) ESIC card4) Driving liscence5) Bank account number