Twyla morning, and put on her workout clothes. She

Twyla Tharp is a famous American dancerand choreographer. She is well known for her unique style that has thecombination of ballet and modern dance with various form of American Vernaculardance. Twyla Tharp was born in Portland, Indiana, on July 1, 1941, and was namedafter Twila Thornburg, the “Princess” of the eighty-ninth AnnualMuncie Fair in Indiana.She has worked with dancers from allover the world in different famous opera houses.

She has created more than 130dance numbers and ballet performances and also has her own company, where she experiments and improvises her forms.   What was the secret of her success? In her book The Creative Habit,she explains how her ritual is useful for her success. She says that shefollows a ritual.

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She always wakes up at 5.30 in the morning, and put on herworkout clothes. She walks out of the home and call a taxi. She ask driver totake her to the Pumping Iron gym at 91st Streetand First Avenue.

She performs her exercises in 2 hours. The ritual is notgoing for the workout but calling a cab is. Once you call the cab it’sdifficult to skip the routine. Calling a cab is not a big deal, but if you doit daily then it becomes the habits. This lesson can be helpful to us inour daily life. If it is your habit, you have to do it whether you like it ornot.

It would be the first thing you will do if you even don’t want it to do. Onesit becomes your habit your brain doesn’twaste time in decision making, you just start. Every famous personality has a morningritual that they perform before starting their day, and everybody should have because it is a path of success. Ones you see the positive results you will feel motivated; the task is not going to gymthe task is waking up and calling a taxi.

If you have done this then automatically you will do a workout at the gym, becauseyou can’t go back home. It means starting with the easy step of the task, rest of the work you will do anyway. Include some morning rituals likeexercising every day, meditation, prayerand if you love writing then start with writing in the morning. Try to becreative with yourself.

Add something in your routine that does not makes youfeel bore. Add some rituals for night also, like reading 10 pages every nightbefore falling to sleep, or brushing your teeth or anything. Chose positive andgood things that can help you become ahappy, successful and better person.