Transformation in all operational departments, regarding operation of new

Transformation of SystemThe existing traditions workflow management system has to be transformed into IT-enabled systems.

Training and education have to be provided to staffs in all operational departments, regarding operation of new working IT enabled environment. Necessary upgrades and changes have to be done in IT infrastructure.With the Implementation of latest Workflow management Software System and Customer Relationship Management Software System. Efficiency is expected to increase, works are done in lesser time, and customer satisfaction increased resulting revenue growth.   5.     Conceptual FrameworkEvaluation of the implementation of  WMS and CRM are  done using conceptual framework of Michael Porter and Mc Kinsey6.

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5.1  Porters 5 Forces TheoryPorter’s 5 forces 5  is a simple yet powerful tool for knowing the competitiveness of business environment of any organization and for identifying its strategy’s profitability. With the help of below five points, the competitive position of the company in the market can be evaluated.1)      The bargaining power supplier: Bargaining power of supplier can be increased, improving quality of products or services. Quality products are paid high by customers.2)      The bargaining power of buyer: Bargaining power of buyer is increased when there are many choices of products or services in the market. In this case, the customer is benefited with cheap cost.

3)      The threat of substitute product: It is a risk factor for business as customer can go for a similar product in the market.4)      The threat of new entrants: It is another risk factor for business, of a new competitor entering the market, which can offer quality products in cheaper prices.5)      Rivalry among existing firms:  Competition among companies selling the same kind of products or services in the market.     5.2  McKinsey 7S FrameworkThis framework was developed in the early 1980s at McKinsey & Company by Tom Peters and Robertman named McKinsey 7s Framework 6.

An internal aspect of a company needs to be aligned if an organization wants to be successful. The company must ensure that all parts of an organization work in harmony. Below are the 7s of an organization.1)      Strategy:  Well documented plans to be transformed into action to meet achievements of an organization.

Business Strategy has to be aligned with IT strategy of an organization 2)      Structure:  Departments or units of an Organization should work harmoniously to achieve goals of company.3)      System:   There should day to day working processes defined for each departments of an organizations. Combined effort of departments give result to a company.

4)      Staff:      Skilled manpower is main factor, which runs departments of a company.5)      Skills:   Methods required for doing work. Capability carried by working staffs.6)      Style:    Way of doing things. Proper way of carrying out day to day activities. 7)      Superordinate Goals –Shared Values: Common goal, mission and vision followed by all departments for profitability, and position of the company in the market.   6. Conclusion and Recommendation: A study was done on Websurfer Nepal Communications Pvt Ltd.

Analysis of the company found out that there was a problem of coordination and communication within operational departments Sales & Marketing, Accounts, Inventory, Infrastructure, Installation & Field Support, & Technical Support.The problem could affect revenue collection, which can impact company’s position in the market.To outstand rivals there should be corrective measures of increasing cohesiveness between operational departments. Traditional manual and the impractical system have to be replaced with tested and proven IT-enabled WMS and CRMS systems.  6.1 Recommendation,There are lots of  WMS available in the market, out of them KISSFLOW system is appropriate for Websurfer.

KISSFLOW, Workflow management system 7 (it can also be called a workflow management software), is a type of software that helps businesses to take control of their routine processes and helps to manage them better. Cloud-Based SaaS is also a recent development of KISSFLOW. Cloud-Based SaaS KISSFLOW is beneficial as it can reduce IT operational and management costs of running the system.Recommended are MY SALES DIALER  SALESFORCE  CRMS that are suitable applications for Websurfer.MYSALESDIALER CRM software centralizes 8 all the information within an organization to give one coherent, full detail of each customer. This enables all employees of the organization, whether that is customer support, sales, marketing, to make quick and knowledgeable decisions on anything and everything from targeting to cross-selling, but most importantly, to customers who have complete knowledge and history of their interactions with sales.

 If Websurfer wants to go for Cloud,  SaaS version of CRM, SALESFORCE  is number one in the market. SALESFORCE (CRM) manages an organization’s single most important goal – that is satisfying customers. This is a highly effective customer relationship management system that will bound and enhance all aspects of organizational behavior, from sales and marketing to customer service: existing client relationships become stronger and new client relationships are made more quickly – all core requirements of business success. Salesforce 9 is a global industry leader whose expertise in client relationship management is unbeatable. The software is specifically designed to bring increased simplicity, integration, efficiency and transparency to enterprise.  Cloud Computing CRM is software as a service with  Force.

com PaaS (Platform as a Service) so that there is multitasking and keep tracking of your customers and company’s budget at the same time – which is must in today’s economy.