Traditional of which people prefer online shopping barnes questions

Traditionalretailing is different from e retailing as traditional retailing involvesinteraction of human with human and e-retailing involves human interaction withmachine. In traditional retailing, customers consider store layout as importantfactor while purchasing whereas browse and search function, images, are moreimportant factor while purchasing online. Goswami and Mathur studied that bothconsumers and merchants of metro cities such as Delhi and Mumbai are internet shabbywhich leads to increasing trend of online shopping. Another research conducted on consumersreviled that overall connivance; range and availability of products at lowerprices are the reasons because of which people prefer online shopping barnesquestions the reasoning by online shopping has become so popular. Many of theauthors believe one of the reasons is connivance.                                    Chaing and dholakia carried out a study inwhich they examined the purpose the customer to purchase goods online duringthere shopping mainly there are three variable in their study those effects theconsumer to purchase online or to go offline. The study reviled thataccessibility and the connivance of the shopping site create the intension inthe customer to purchase or not.

 Tabatabei has explored the option of theconsumer who are purchasing online and the consumer who are purchasing fromoffline market. The outcome of the study was that the consumers of onlineshopping use to shop online more than one time in a month and the consumer ofoffline shopping shop one to five times in a year from shopping sites.  On the other hand more than half of the respondent’sstusudied by Rack space admitted to receiving online dissatisfaction andannoyance when purchasing online.

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The top annoyance where named as complicatedcheck out procedures, lack of product information unawareness of securityfeature and few payment option are all cited as recurring frustration regardingonline shopping.   ResearchMethodologyThispaper is analytical in nature because it involves the use of secondary data.The data is collected through journals, books, websites etc. Impactof ecommerce on offline retailersEcommercehas grown at very rapid pace in last few years in India. Growth in internet andmobile phone penetration has changed the retail environment. But ecommerce on e-retailingin India has still a long way to go. Following are the impact of ecommerce onoffline retail business: ·        Resistance to safeguard the interest ofoffline retailers                  As online players are using disruptivepricing strategies, there is high resistance from the offline retailers againstsame.

As they are providing huge discounts and promotions which create ahindrance for the offline retailers.·        Challenges for offline retailers                  Offline retailer will need toleverage on customers experience. There is a need of integrated online andoffline businesses for optimising customer experiences. Major driver for thisenhances experience will be seamless flow of information which is lack inoffline retailing.·        Challenges for offline distribution                 As customers trust on onlinemarket is increasing product like pen drive, mobile, earphones are more beingpurchased online. Customers get look and feel of the product at offline storeand then prefer to purchase online at cheaper rate. Distributors will need tohelp retailers to improve install experience of customers making product dataavailable to retailers along with customer information for smart recommendationand offerings. Attractive discounts and offers have become necessity for retailbusinesses after entering of e-tailing players REASONSOF DECLINE OF OFFLINE SALES.

Followingare the some of the reasons due to which people have started purchasing goodsonline in comparison with traditional mode of purchasing.1.     Huge discounts: The biggest reason ofincreasing trend of online shopping is availability of huge discounts offeredby online retailers to customers even sometimes they sell the products. atbellow there purchased price on some special days. Offline retailers are notable to offer such a huge discounts has offered by online retailers and theyare left with no option expect moving towards online business.2.     247 availability: it is very rare findany offline retail store that is open for 24 hours a day.

But in onlineshopping shoppers can shop at any time of day or night3.     .No waiting in queues for billing:Shoppers are not required to wait in long queues for billing in case of onlineshopping. This facility is not available in offline retailing.

4.     Easy return: normally it not possiblefor shoppers to get the money back if thy don’t like the product after in caseof offline sale. They can exchange the product only at that two exceptionalcases5.     Extensive availability of online couponsas compared to offline ones.

In case of offline retail stores, customer can getdiscount only when there is sale or if he has membership card. But onlinecoupons are easy to search and apply in comparison to offline coupons6.     Wide choice: In online shopping ,customer have lot of option while buying lot of option while buying productsonline such as colour, size, brand etc . But in the case of online shoppingchoice is restricted as sometimes the customer may not get the desires colour,size over offers.7.     Saving of time and transportation cost:People don’t get the time to go in stores to buy the product due to their busy schedule.

Online shopping saves time as well as transportation cost because now manyonline shopping website deliver the products without charging deliveryexpenses.8.      Easyaccess to customer review: customer can have easy access to consumer reviewsand feedback before purchasing anything in the online shopping but Offline sale don’tprovide such customer response be