Trade take advantage of the low labour cost of


Trade associations and regulatory bodies have an impact on the travel
and tourism sector as tourist know that they can trust companies that are a
part of ABTA and ATOL. This provides extra security on transactions between
companies and customers, allowing a high certainty of protection. As a result,
with organisations being certified this limits fraudulent conducts.

Associations & Regulatory Bodies

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Ancillary services are basically all
the extra that come alongside a holiday that tourists may require. These are
things such as travel insurance, foreign exchange, car hire, tour guides and
many more. Travel agents offer ancillaries to their clients to have a full
holiday experience.

Ancillary Services



Much of travel agents have relationships with multiple
chains that dominates the market. Companies such as Thomson and Thomas Cook
both have established tour operators that sells their products. As more and
more customers are booking their holidays over the line or online as oppose to
the traditional way of visiting a local travel agent, companies have looked to
outsource and relocate to places such as India to take advantage of the low
labour cost of call centres.

Travel Agents


Tour operator’s role is to create package holidays and
sell them to their customers in the form of package deals. They establish
interdependency with different organisations providing hotels, transportation
to complete all the different components needed to produce these package deals.
Which are distributed to travel agencies or directly to customers. Package
holidays are widely advertised throughout the internet and often sends
notifications to customers regarding the possible package deals that may fit the
customers desire. Thomson
and Thomas Cook are one of the largest tour operators in the world which sells similar
holidays in packages that appeals to many holidaymakers because everything is
planned out and they can enjoy their getaway without any hassle.



Tour Operators



The Tourism development board and promotion plays an
essential role in the Travel and Tourism Industry in the UK. This helps promote
the country’s tourism at a larger scale, attracting inbound tourists as well as
domestic to the UK. In return it will create income and employment for local
businesses; creating a positive outcome and increase on the country’s GDP.
Visit Britain is the UK’s prime tourist board responsible for promoting the UK
worldwide through showcasing historical and common attractions that can be
found in the UK. For example, The Big Ben, London Bridge, London Eye and many
more all in hopes of persuading tourists to flock to the UK. Visit Britain has its
own website providing various information’s regarding future events happening
in the UK. The Website is widely accessible and available in a variety of languages
for foreign visitors interested in finding out more about the UK.

Tourism Development and Promotion




Events attractions can vary from
small to large scale. In 2012 the London Olympics brought millions of tourists
in the UK which helped boost the country’s tourism. Other events like Music
Festivals are also a big deal where people from all over the world come to
watch artists perform and have a good time.

There are 4 different types of attractions: Natural,
purpose built, heritage and events. Attractions are a vital part as they bring
tourists from all over the world. Natural attractions are things that’s formed
and been created by nature. Most of these areas have been developed by adding
facilities for the public to see without causing damage to the nature. These
attractions can be caves, waterfalls, lakes and other scenic views. The Lake
District National Park is one of many natural wonders in the UK and is heavily
protected in order to maintain its natural course. Purpose Built attraction are
structures that’s been purposely constructed for tourism. For example, in the
UK, there’s the Big Ben, London Bridge, London Eye and many more where people
from all over the world flock to London just to see them. Heritage attractions are old architectures that’s
survived along the years and are now considered historical. In the UK alone,
most attractions are considered historical and have been in place for
centuries. For example, the canals, railways and battlefields. These natural
and cultural heritage are preserved in order for people to gain an appreciation
of the past. Stonehenge, located in Wiltshire, England is a popular historical
landmark owned by the English Heritage that’s often visited by many tourists
due to its unique design and structure.








Air transport on the other hand falls under 3 categories, Domestic
travel. Instead of driving from London to Edinburgh for instance which could
take half a day, people could take domestic flights that takes under an hour to
get to the destination. Scheduled services however, are planes that operate
under a published timetable. For example, London to Dubai. Airlines such as
Emirates, British Airways and Qantas are one of many airlines that follows a
schedule. This means people are able to book their flights well in advanced.
Charter flights however, are linked to a package holiday where the operators
work together with an airline. Example, Thomas Cook, Ryanair, EasyJet and BMI
baby These are normally low-cost flights.


When travelling by sea, it’s usually travelling by
ferries or cruise liners. Ferry companies operate services between the UK,
France and Belgium as well as other destinations. For example, P&O Ferries.
P&O cruises travels to 90 Countries in the World. Also, statistics show
that in 2009 1.5 million people in the UK took a cruise rather than any
other type of transport. Though since the channel tunnel began operating ferry
services have fallen dramatically. However, cruise liners which is another form
of travelling by the sea is steadily gaining attention and attracting tourists
from all over the world. For example, the Royal Caribbean Cruises is attracting
families, young people and groups of people which prefers to travel by sea due
to the fact they may be scared of flying/heights therefore this is an easy
relaxing alternative for them. However, cruise liners can be expensive and due
to high demands people may find it difficult to book tickets therefore it must
be done in advanced and can cause a lot of hassle.

Sea & Air Transport







Another way of transportation is by rail. In the UK the
national rail has trains running to most places around the UK and are very
frequent. There are also more popular train firms such Virgin trains that are
very cheap and easy to book. For instance, London to Manchester would only cost
£25.  Alternative popular method of transportation
is through the channel tunnel which links London to Paris by taking the
Eurostar. Compared to airfares, Eurostar costs £45 compared to Airlines such as
easyJet where prices can be over £100 taking into consideration that it’s a
budget airline. Furthermore, it’s quicker and less delays whereas budget
airlines are frequently delayed which would take longer.

Most cars in the UK are privately owned and is used for day to day
travel. Most people travel by car because it’s much cheaper in contrast to
other forms of transport such as flying. Tourists specifically may choose to
hire a car when they’re abroad as they would have more freedom to explore and
aren’t restricted. Also, road trips are becoming a huge thing and When people
travel, they typically skip head straight to their destination. By going on a
road trip, you’re giving yourself an opportunity to see places you didn’t think
existed. Over the years this has
led to the expansion in the car hire sector. Popular hire car companies such as
Hertz and Europcar are one of many companies that have benefited from the
growth of the car-hire sector. However, some people may not want to travel by
car on the road, instead take coaches such as the National Express Coach which
in hindsight are much cheaper and requires minimal planning but is very slow
and would take hours than expected to arrive at the destination.



Road & Rail transport
















A non-serviced accommodation is a service that doesn’t include a meal
and other hotel services and simply only provide the accommodation. An example
of a non-serviced accommodation is a caravan park, such as Butlins, camping
(Haven Holidays), guesthouses which are rented out for a couple of days
provided by companies the like of Airbnb and self-catering youth hostels.  People may stay at guest accommodation for
the sole purpose of wanting to experience the local culture of the town or the
city they are visiting. Furthermore, there are also non serviced budget hotels
such as Premier Inn and Travelodge are basic accommodation that offer a good
value for money. People specifically tourists may prefer to stay at budget
hotels such as Travelodge as it can be cheaper or they don’t necessarily need
the extra service and would just want the basic accommodation and most of the
time they will probably be eating out at restaurants as well as being outside
touring around the city,

Non-serviced accommodation






 A serviced
accommodation provides reception, cleaners, food
and drink (Restaurant), room service
of clients as they are accommodated in a temporary residence that’s furnished
and available for short term or long term stays and which provides amenities
for daily use such as spas, swimming pools and other facilities. An example of
a serviced accommodation is the Hilton hotel offering very high service to all
their customers. This can be through their cafes, luxury hotel on site bars and
restaurants as well as their luxurious suites which comes in different level of
prices depending on the customers desire. Most of the time, tourists with the
purpose of travelling for leisure or business will want to treat themselves and
are less reluctant to stay in a luxury hotel over a basic budget hotel. As for
Hilton Hotels which is known for its all-inclusive package, there’s also what’s
called Half board serviced which is common at bed & breakfast
accommodations. People stay at B & B’s if they are only due to stay for the
night or visiting a relative and isn’t keen on spending too much therefore
opting for the cheapest option.

Serviced accommodation


There are many different types of accommodation available in the travel
and tourism industry such as hotels, guesthouses, bed & breakfast, youth
hostels, trailer parks. Accommodation can be split into 2 categories; Serviced
and non-serviced.











There are several key components that serves the travel
and tourism industry. Accommodation such as hotels and bed & breakfast,
Transportation where the main forms of transport
that tourists use to go on holiday are rail, road and sea, Ancillary services
including products such as car hire, airport parking, holiday insurance and
foreign exchange, attractions which can be historical, events, natural and
landmarks. Travel agencies/tour operators sell ancillary services for the sole
purpose of making holidays better for their customers. Tourism Development and
Promotion helping Visit Britain which is the national tourist board
responsible for advertising UK to inbound and outbound tourists.

Travel & Tourism components



Domestic tourism relates to people that are travelling within their
country which they are a resident of for tourism purposes. For example,
travelling from London to Manchester or from Manchester to Edinburgh

Inbound tourism are individuals coming in to visit a country which is
not their country of residence. For example, tourists coming in from the USA to
the UK are inbounding to the UK therefore are considered an inbound tourist.

The term outbound tourism in the UK refers to UK residents travelling
out of the country. For instance, you become an outbound tourist from the UK
when you visit France or Spain.

Types of Travel and tourism