Tori my writing. In my opinion I believe that

Tori Ham         ProfessorEichholzer EN-101-EnhancedCollege WritingJanuary29, 2018                                                                                                                                                                                                            IcebreakerAssignment             In this paragraph, I will write aboutmy strengths and weaknesses in writing. I can honestly say that writing is a challengefor me.

I’ve never considered myself a writer. One of my strengths are draftingideas and putting all my thoughts on paper to make sure I deliver a proper essay.One of my weaknesses are constantly being reparative and trying to stay ontopic.

I continuously tried to be proficient in writing until mind goes blanktrying to gather more thoughts to bring the essay to a close. I believe I amgood at coming up with ideas, usually I can write a paper and have some greatideas that will capture the audience attention. I get writers block in theprocess of writing a paper, I usually catch myself getting stuck and rereadingmy introduction a few times to try and see what ideas I can come up with toinclude in the body paragraph. Writing has always been my least favoritesubject due to the many errors that are found in my paper.

  Brainstorming can help me draft my thesis andbeing able to have strong detailed thesis that can explain the topic. Writingcan be interesting depending on the topic, I mentioned English was my leastfavorite subject if the topic is interesting I believe I can the audience thatreads my paper will see the potential in my writing. I believe I can improve insentence structuring at some point in time in a paper I can do run onsentences, I know when to put a comma I need some work on run-on sentences I amlooking forward to improving my writing.

 In my opinion I believe that spelling and punctuation isn’t a problemfor me I think I can use some improvement with usage of words the correctway.  I proofread all my essays I canrealize when I have errors I believe the audience can identify an error better thanI can. I  Prefer to read out aloud tocatch the errors that I’ve made and correct them to make the essay correspondswith the introduction.