To your goals, you must first learn how to

To start down the road toward the
accomplishment of your goals, you must first learn how to pick up information in
a more effective manner. Although various trains of thought exist in terms of
making this possible for you, there are some specific strategies you should pay
close attention to if you are dedicated to making this your new reality. Here
are the best ways for you to start learning things even faster and more
Pay Attention to the Way That You
              Everyone has a different
way of learning things. Some people are visual learners; some are written
learners. Others learn by doing or even by hearing information. The only way for
you to become an effective learner and be more successful is to make sure that
you are aware of the best way for you to absorb the things set in front of you.
Remember that everybody is different. What works best for someone else may or
may not be relevant to you. Experimentation is key. See what works for your own
individual needs!
Get Rid of Distractions
              Work at creating an environment that fosters learning. When you
want to take in information, make sure that you are devoting your full attention
to the matter at hand. Turn off your phone. Turn off the radio. Give everything
to what you are trying to learn just then. As it is, your daily life is filled
with too many distractions and hindrances that try to get in the way of your
tasks; however, now is the time to take as many as possible out of your way. One
more thing: turn off the social media! Yes, I am talking about Facebook,
Twitter, Snap chat, Instagram… the list goes on and on and grows, it seems,
every day! Believe me, you will be amazed at how much better and faster you can
learn when you are 100 percent focused on the task at hand.
Take Notes
              So you have gone ahead
and removed distractions. It will also be beneficial for you to get into the
habit of making notes for yourself. Not only can it help to write things down,
but you should also consider making voice recordings if processing information
is easier for you in that way. In addition, implementing both practices will
give you twice the reinforcement for your information to make it stick better. I
have found from my own personal experience that writing information down in note
form helps me remember and learn upwards of200 percent more! Don’t downplay how
crucial taking notes can be; this can be a huge mistake!
Be Able to Explain to Others
              When you go through new
information, try to look at it in terms of being able to teach someone else what
you have just learned. If you approach things in this manner, you should be able
to see the material in a different light.
When you feel you have learned
something completely, you should feel comfortable that you could easily explain
it to anyone else. Once you begin to feel this way, why not go a step further?
Try to explain it to somebody! Even if you are too scared to do this in the
physical form, you could easily sign into Skype, find a random person in a
random online forum, and attempt to teach him or her. This may sound crazy, but
it works! The smartest and best learners in this world are teachers; become one
if you want to step up your learning game!
Ask Questions to Test Your
              It may sound like crazy
advice, but talk to yourself about what you are learning. Ask yourself questions
to make sure that you are grasping the knowledge that you are working on
permanently absorbing. If you have questions you don’t feel you can answer, then
you need to look at the information from another perspective. The point is to
take the information in completely—not just memorize facts. You want to
understand the subject matter completely. I have found that being able to answer
questions that I ask myself has allowed me to retain information for much longer
periods of time.
Relate the Material to Your
Making a connection to newly learned
material will help you understand it more thoroughly. Find a way to relate your
subject matter to your life to make sure that it has firmly become a part of
your knowledge base. This may seem difficult if you are learning something that
is completely out of your element, but if you can find a way to somehow tie it
all in—even if you are the only one who sees the connection—then you will master
Fake It Until You Make It
One of the greatest secrets to learning
faster, processing information more effectively, and attaining knowledge for
longer periods of time is the strategy of faking it until you make it.

What I am suggesting is that you pretend
that you have already learned the information in a 100 percent perfect fashion.
Pretend that you love the material you are learning, even if you don’t.
Pretend—or fake—that you are the greatest learner in the world even if your
grades have not indicated it.
The practice of faking it until you make
it can change your life. Countless tests and studies have shown that the brain
cannot distinguish between what you perceive to be real or fake. The most
important thing is controlling the way you think. Keep your thoughts positive
and in alignment with your goals. You will then have a much better chance of
learning the material as opposed to being negative, doubtful, and unsure of your

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