To punctual and time conscious with an attitude to

To whomever it may concern

This letter is to serve as my formal recommendation for Ms. Sneha Ravi Chandran who was working with me for nearly 2 years. As an Application Development Analyst, she has managed to perform exceptionally well in all the assignments coordinating with the team members.

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Sneha has been one of the few dynamic and enthusiastic person in my team. Her combination of creativity, commitment and dedication (perseverance, compassion) to the task at hand, enabled her to complete the work prior to the deadlines. She is punctual and time conscious with an attitude to work on any task assigned to her.

She has shown lot of interest in Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), from her previous employer which impressed me to pull her into my team. She was passionately curiosity in automating the manually run process for data extraction along with the enhancements in the DTS package. Also, she worked on a code to automate the process of memory management at the database level which got her a lot of appreciation from the clients. She was passionately curious about cross skilling her software skills and has shown a great level of commitment and perseverance in transitioning to new technologies within a short duration.

What I found most engaging in Sneha’s character is her deep-rooted spirit of sharing her knowledge with the team (extending help to the other team members) bound with quick scaling up in proficiency of her skill up to date. She carries with her an innate leadership quality and eagerly takes ownership of work, be it official or extracurricular and volunteer to mentor the new joiners in our team and help them in knowledge transfer.

She is technically sound and has got good analytical skills and thus employ unique problem-solving techniques to contribute something note-worthy to our organization.   Be it handling the agile code changes with crucial deadline, documenting the work, or handling the offshore client, Sneha has consistently delivers high-quality results (software) with strong work ethics coupled with a dedication to success.

Having witnessed her ability to deliver even under strenuous circumstances, I am confident that Ms. Sneha will aptly fit into the profile of the students that your university would be seeking for. I am in complete agreement with her higher studies plan and confident that she will live up to the expectations of one and all. Hence, I recommend her to be admitted into the Master’s program at your university.   If you need any further information or clarifications, please feel free to contact me.