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To: Tim FreebornFrom: Leung Lily Ka Pui, Customers Relations, Globe AirlinesDate: January 25,2018Subject: Audience analysis for Lyn Smith’s complainThe purpose of this memo is to describeand analyse the possible audiences of Globe’s reply letter to Lyn Smith’scomplaint. (File #ez5u8g)There are five category of audiences.The actual audience including the initial audience, Rita Simmons, the head ofcustomer relations as the gatekeeper, and the primary audience, Lyn Smith.

Potential audience of the reply letter include secondary audiences such as themanagers of BlueSky, Lyn’s husband and friends, and the watchdog audiences,including the board of directors and IATA.Lyn is an emotional person. Hereducation level is not high, judging from the structure and the tone of hercomplaint letter. The tone of the reply letter should be courteous, clear and concise.The following is a more detailed audience analysis of the primary audience, LynSmithLyn has negative feelings about Globeafter the incident, therefore if she interprets the tone of the reply as condescendingand uncaring, Globe will not be able to preserve Lyn’s goodwill to the company.The reply needs to avoid phrases that could seem hostile and rude. The use ofpositive emphasis can be used as a counteraction toward the tendency to sounddefensive in the reply.

Lyn stated that she understands thatGlobe is not legally responsible for her situation from the standard IATA, thusrepeating this information in the reply is not necessary. However, the replyneeds to make a special effort in define and explain new concepts such as theE-TUVs and we cannot provide the name of the BlueSky pilot due to regulations.Lyn requested a compensation in thecomplaint letter, it will be a challenge to persuade her to change her mind totake another option. In order to avoid Lyn opposing the alternative solutionGlobe provides, the reply needs to show that the E-TUV option is the bestavailable solution for Lyn. The reply letter can emphasize on positiveaspects. It can emphasize on how Globe will act on her suggestion of discussingmatters such as re-routing passengers with BlueSky and a lengthy reply of Lyn’sinquiry about how to avoid these situations for happening again.

The reply should be in a traditionalbusiness writing style through email. The reply should also list out inchronological order on how to avoid situations mentioned in the complaintletter. It should also include detail that might be easily forgotten, even ifit is obvious right now.The above are my audience analysisregarding to Lyn Smith’s complaint, could you please provide some insight aboutthe analysis made?