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 To the residents of Maryland, crabs aren’t just a commonitem on their menu, but rather it has turned to be a way of life.

Manygenerations have relied on Maryland’s blue crabs which are usually culled fromthe Chesapeake Bay for sustenance and also as a form of livelihood to thewatermen. When you need a social treat that will come rich in proteins, thenyou need to consider the crabs which will provide you just that. Ever heard ofthe crab feast? It will involve crabs, beer and also lots of paper towels duringthe messy Maryland rite of passage.

From the Chesapeake Bay, the best and mostfamous that you will get is Maryland’s blue crabs. The crabs are blue-tingedwhen they are alive but upon steaming they become bright red, and you can placeyour order to get the plentiful sweet meat that they bring along. When you tourMaryland, ensure that you also get to eat the protein-rich crabs to nourish youand your beloved company during the vacation.  What you may not have thought about the crabs is that youcan make other types of dishes using crabs apart from the usual steamed crabs.One such type of dishes that will suit you is the crab cake which is iconic andalso insanely delicious. Others include Crab puffs, which are crab cakes thathave been dipped in batter and are also deep-fried.

You can also go for thecrab pretzel r even crab toast, pizza or pie which are special types but alsovery nutritious. Crab dip and the crab soup are other items to put on your menuwhen you are on vacation at Maryland where the crab soup is thick, rich inproteins and also super indulgent. When you can’t decide the best place to buysuch menus, then think about Crab Dynasty who are always on hand to deliveryour fresh seafood orders. Such will include the Maryland crabs, shellfish andalso the preparation recipes.  Among the different items that you can place an order onlineinclude the steamed hard crabs which will have been inspected to ensurehigh-quality crabs being delivered to your doorstep and they will prove to be agreat menu for your next get together. For individuals who would like to cooktheir crabs, it is also possible to purchase live blue crabs which you caneasily steam on your own.