To been a passionate of mine; the study of

To grasp the understanding of the human behaviour is an inescapable part of mostly everyone’s everyday life, and for me the commitment to explore this further has been an inevitable part of mine. I was always intrigued to understand the ways in which people behave and the reasons behind this behaviour from a young age, whilst studying for my GCSE in History; through the topic of the ‘Nazi Regime’ and World War II.

I wanted to understand why numerous of Germans were captivated with Hitler’s repulsive ideology and as I have grown older the fascination of it has just kept on developing. Through studying Psychology GCSE at New College I had the opportunity to expand this interest and gain an insight into the study of human behaviour in an academic setting. This has allowed me to explore psychological theories, models and researches. I also find the ability to recognise and having the ability to use these in a real life situations to be absolutely beneficial. During my study period of Psychology, I truly believe for me it has been an enjoyable experience and I hope pursuing this path further I get to have the opportunity to face a new skill and challenging experiences. In addition to this, I am confident that this course will offer that opportunity for me and expand my knowledge further. Moreover, to learn about the criminal minds has always been a passionate of mine; the study of Zimbardo’s controversial experiment has given me with in-depth answers about why Germany fell victim to the hands of a catastrophic leader. I was able to come to a conclusion that, as individuals we are more likely to obey orders from those in an authoritative position.

I am extremely eager to explore this further throughout this course.In my current course I have understood and gained knowledge that it is important to plan and think critical before submitting assignments. I am currently enjoying the psychology unit, in this unit I learnt about why people behave, think and feel the way they do, also how can they change the persons behaviour to enhance their well-being and quality of life. This is one of the key things that forensic psychologist do, which is to understand mental health needs and how they can improve it in the future.

During my spare time, my interests outside the college are Art and Basketball. At university, I wish to continue to do some more and explore some new activities. In addition, I love to travel and I have been in different countries such as Sweden, America, Somalia, Dubai and Germany. Travelling allows me to experience various of culture and how they differ from the UK. It is an important role to be open-minded as a forensic psychologist as there are different culture and beliefs within the environment and to respect that. My passion to be a Forensic Psychologist  increases every day and I know I will find it very satisfying to successfully help people and positively impact their lives.