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To: [email protected]: Coeo labs frugal innovation VAPCare.Hi Josh,               It has been an absolute pleasure to meet you Josh during Medical conference in the USA. I want to tell you a story of  a college guy who got Hospitalised after Head injury in a road accident. His family was in deep pain seeing their son intubated and on mechanical ventilation.

Since doctor told his family that he will be discharged after 2 days. But, the situation got worse as the student got a fatal infection in lungs called Ventilator Associated Pneumonia(VAP) which eventually resulted in his unfortunate death. This is not a rare incident which is happening in India, but a larger one, as among 6 lakhs affected patients VAP has brought misfortune to 2.5 lakhs families as their dear ones lost their lives. It has caused millions of rupees wasted and made doctors empty-handed as their efforts to save patients failed miserably.My organization Coeo labs is trying to solve the problem of Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia by introducing a revolutionary product called VAPCare.

VAPCare is a secretion management which acts intelligently and an oral hygiene system for patients which are put on a mechanical ventilator in ICUs. It is a complete system that performs targeted suctioning of secretions to prevent the risk factors for the development of VAP (Ventilator Associated Pneumonia). It a system which is designed to identify the current less improved procedural gaps and reduce the need for constant human engagement between caretaker and patient to lower the incidence of VAP. To continue the journey of helping doctors and patients, my organization is consistently trying to make VAPCare a viable and affordable product for the customers.

We are looking at funding options so that our team can concentrate effectively and work on the aspect of VAPCare manufacturing, marketing, and ecosystem development. I am hoping that you will certainly look into this product and helps us by giving sufficient funding. The detail about the product, company background and funding requirement is attached to this mail. Thanks & Regards, Nitesh JangirFounder, Coeo labs.Phone No 9701413556 Attachment  The Coeo labs is an Indian based medical technology start-up and we the team behind the product believes in developing innovative medical devices with a focus on emergency, trauma and critical care. I Nitesh Jangir (electronics engineer from the Rajiv Gandhi Technical University Bhopal) along with Nachiket Deval (an engineering graduate and Product Designer from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad) the co-founder spent three -months across hospitals in Bangalore and found out that there is no proper medical equipment available and no standardized procedure while dealing with patients. It has led to the death of a 55-year-old man affected by VAP due to excessive bleeding.

One of the healthcare industry trends which we found out that one out of every 3-person put on a ventilator gets affected by ventilator-associated pneumonia. These experiences lead us to drive towards a frugal innovation technique that can deliver a cost-effective and optimum medical product to a larger section of the society.   The team at Coeo labs which consist of two founders along with a business graduate and three doctors decided to develop the VAP product for the patients affected by mechanical ventilation. The product serves the purpose of removal of secretion from lungs and nasal passage before they reach the lungs and get contaminated with germs. We first developed a prototype device in early 2015 which focused on bringing the cost down by 30 percent as compared to its competitors. The prototype device got early praise and a grant of rupees 90 lakhs from the Union government under the Biotech Ignition grant. The company is presently incubated by a firm called InnAccel – India’s maiden Medical technology accelerator and won numerous awards including the 3M- CII young innovator challenge award 2016.  The device is currently in its final stage and undergoing a clinical trial process in India.

We have also filed patents for the VAPCare device in 12 countries which includes India and currently in a stage of building an order pipeline for the device. The VAPCare device comprises of two components, one is a disposable unit called DispoVAP and other is a machine consisting of a sensor called Sensec. The DispoVAP can be used over any Endotracheal tube with the subglottic suction line of the patient.We here at Coeo labs believes that every individual in a growing economy like India deserves affordable medical facility. For that to happen we need proper planning, manufacturing execution strategy as well as marketing strategies to provide cost-efficient healthcare products to the larger part of the country. As providing affordable healthcare service to every person is an arduous task I believe there is a need for an ecosystem development in the healthcare industry in India. It will help us in bringing the synergies between the networks of suppliers, distribution, customers and government agencies. For this to happen we are consistently looking for investors who can provide us the monetary help in term of funding.

This will surely help us in continuing our journey of saving people’s lives and making sure that our efforts bring a smile on the faces of the patient’s family.I am asking you to please provides us a funding of $10 Million. In return, I am providing you a stake of 33 % in the company.

Such funding will be enough for us to assure that we have enough budget which can deliver benefits of frugal innovation done by our engineers and doctors to the world and make it a happier place to live.Thanks Nitesh Jangir