To a fine, diverse, and innovative program such as

To Whom it May Concern,With this letter, I am applying for the Master of Analysis and Policy in Economics (a.k.a. APE) program offered at the Paris School of Economic (a.

k.a. PSE). A former economics student and current holder of a Bachelor of Arts in economics, I aspire to strengthen my knowledge of economics and turn my focus on practical applications of economics.

 By perusing the information available online, I have found that the PSE will best suit my educational (and career) goals. Finally, the prospect of being part of a fine, diverse, and innovative program such as the master of APE is a matchless one. A nature and traveling admirer, I picture the PSE as a path that offers an impressive view of diversified and, yet, scarce species of trees and flowers.

Who would not want being an element constituting this ensemble? Who would step back to the prospective of gaining new insights with the reinforcing of a learned, audacious, and opened mind-set? Who would not have the courage to claim the following: I aim to learn from, and of, the finest trees and flowers? Not me.The customized continuance into economics’ multifold reaching through the master of APE addresses the next stage in my academic development. The Western economy is incorporating new rules and economies while coping with internal difficulties.

 This unusual, continual remodeling state of the economy implies the need of people who are familiar with the various cultural and commercial attitudes composing the Western economy. The mix of themes such as “Economic history,” thought by the famous Thomas Picketty, “Labor Economics,” thought by Jeremy Breda and Francois Fontaine, or “International Economics,” thought—inter allies—by Thierry Verdier, would contribute to the set of my academic and professional ambitions.I graduated in December 2016 from Syracuse University (a.k.a. as SU) with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics—which I obtained a semester earlier than it was expected. I chose to study economics in my undergraduate years because I became fascinated with this field of study from the time I started to become more familiar with it at the Lycée Français de Chicago (2011-2012).

 I knew—like I know now—that there was more to know about economics and that what I perceived in my textbooks and notebooks was the modest tip of an iceberg. A mediocre swimmer who lacked the necessary apparatus to plunge into the cold and profound waters to unveil more of the summit; nonetheless, my curiosity drove me. My belief in the power of economics to demystify and explain many of the conundrums and intricacies of the world as well as the role of the human in it was muscular enough to resist the temptation of giving up. As an economics student who did not know much about economics and almost failed in the mandatory, introductory class of economics principles (a.k.a.

 as economics 101), I am proud to have persisted in my passion for economics, to secure As in many of the upper-economics classes. My diligence and organizing capabilities were essential in to this progress.During my degree, I was very active in many facets of university life. I completed many internships during my vacations and worked part-time as a cashier and caterer for the SU Food Services. In the pursuit of outlets to apply my theoretical knowledge in concrete situations, I gain experience in accounting and administrative tasks, both of which are chief determinants for a business’s success. This allowed me to observe what keeps a business alive and how it operates.

 Moreover, one of the internships I was most delighted with was as a writer for an economics, online-based site. This professional experiences sparked my interest in writing and research. Further, I remained engaged in university social events by being a member of SU’s chess club and participating in various events held at the library, such as the Open Book event. Furthermore, I remained committed to my passion for literature, registering for classes that could feed this interest. That said, I was careful not to let these duties jeopardize my academic progress. With this in mind, my name has been two times in the esteemed Dean’s List for high academic merit.

Before moving to America I had spent much of my childhood and teenager years in France and Romania. This exposure to two contrasting cultures is at the root of my interest in (ongoing) cultural, intellectual, and commercial interactions among countries or different societies. The spread and exponential intensity of globalization means that my experience could become the norm.

What’s more, my cultural richness led me to speak a great deal of languages, too. In particular, I was very proud of my linguistic cognizance in German, which I studied both in both schools and my free time.There is no doubt about my attachment to the French culture. I not only studied in France during eight years; I lived. Nonetheless, my ambition to study in France stems also from a dearth of equivalent master programs offered in America—where economics is a common subject studied as part of a PhD. But I am not yet ready for a PhD program, which is why I aim to complete a Master in economics (first). Besides, I want to reconcile my American and European cultural knowledge to come up with interesting, pertinent, and original ideas or solutions to contemporary issues.

 The future well-being of Occidentals will demand a workforce with a specialized skillet in societal sciences, such as economics. With my Master of APE degree I would like to meet this demand. PSE’s economic department magnet for attracting economic pundits from around the world is the ideal setting to set up the next step of my academic path.

To close, I am looking to shepherd my academics to the next level, where studying, teaching, and researching takes place against a backdrop of white camellias, symbols of excellence and devotion. The subjects and the perks of the APE program are in harmony with my academic aspirations. I am certain that my academic background, professional experience, and extracurricular activities would make me a valuable addition to the Master of APE program offered at PSE.Thank you in advance for your time and comprehension,Best,Florica Mois