Title of impact does the new integrated technology have

 Title Accessing the impact of new integrated information system on firms with respect to management control change as an intervening variable: A study of  small and medium enterprise. Research Questions –    How is management control change affected by the process of implementing new integrated information system? –    What kind of impact does the new integrated technology have over older control methods, systems, practices, tasks, organization, and responsibility? Field Of Research With the rapid growth of technology, there is a need to access how businesses are adjusting to this change.This research investigates the process of change and to examine in more depth the nature of the changes in management control which comes together with the adoption of the new information systems within small and medium enterprises.Most especially, acknowledging that management control change is a continuous organizational process rather than an outcome, the trajectory of which is shaped by a relentless interplay of several effects.This research aims to explore how the implementation of a new integrated information technology contributes to this process. Proposed MethodTo solve this issue, the research will combine both theoretical and emprical understanding.

In this study a qualitative study will be a perfect fit for constructing the methodological base. According to Flick (2009), a qualitative study” provides a suiting fit for explorative studies researching less-known phenomena “.Additionally Bryman & Bell (2003), argued that ” a qualitative research strategy emphasises on results based on words compared to quantitative studies’ foci on data quantification”. This justifies the methodological approaches chosen.

Not only does a qualitative strategy focus on words instead of data quantification, other differences compared to quantitative research are presented by Bryman and Bell (2003).   In the last few years some experimental, field and analytical research has explored the effects of the new ICT systems on management accounting and management accountant’s work (Maria,2010). Yet, these studies are mainly focused on management control, especially in SMEs. The effects of the adoption of the new integrated information technology (mainly enterprise resource planning systems – ERPs) are mostly studied within organizations or large companies at least(Maria,2010). On the other hand, there is an evidence that only large firms have experience of these technologies for a relatively long-term period (Maria,2010).

Only a few SMEs have adopted a new integrated information technology and a majority of the implementation projects are still evolving. The empirical evidence which is used in this study is based on an ongoing longitudinal case study of some Swedish SMEs.  Result The research aims to investigate the inter-relationship between management control change and information system within SMEs. There will be a detailed analysis of all obtained data, which will provide me with the opportunity to have an in-depth analysis of these stages of transformation. As a result, I would be able to develop a conceptional framework that will explain why and how management control change and information system is continuously changing the shape of the business environment.

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