Tips People are unable to imagine their life withoutsmartphones.No

Tips to Improve the Battery Life of SmartphonesA lot of advancement has been observed in smartphones since their release. Thescreens are getting bigger every day and the processors are becoming relatively fast.Now-a-days people are using a smartphone for everything. From business works toentertainment everything has been incorporated in smartphone making it the mostimportant device in everyone’s life. People are unable to imagine their life withoutsmartphones.No matter how much advancement has been attained by smartphones, the always lack battery capacity. Mobile giants like Apple, Samsung, HTC are also failing in thebattery segment.

The mobile may have an excellent processor, best camera, bigger screenbut they all go in vain when the juice in the mobile can’t sustain for a day. Due to thindesigns, the pressure of numerous features incorporating in a mobile at a low price orSamsung S7, Redmi Note4 blast issues, companies are hesitating to provide batterieswith more capacity to their users. It is very disappointing for users that they cannot getthe battery for a full day at least.Better battery technologies haven’t arrived yet and till then it is completely dependent onusers to change the settings and get decent battery life. There are many factors that areaffecting the battery life of a device and there are some ways to restrain the battery fromdraining.

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Here are few ways to increase the battery life of your device. Check them outand followDim the Screen BrightnessDisplay is the main enemy for the battery of your device. You may find big, bright displayattractive but it is the main reason for the draining of battery. Adjust the screenbrightness according to the situations.

When you are outdoors you can keep yourscreen brightness high but keep it to the minimum when you are indoors.Keep the display at minimum brightness that you can tolerate or else now-a-days allsmartphones are equipped with auto brightness mode which adjusts the brightness bysensing the situations.Turn off SyncingApps like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter refresh themselves providing the users with latestnotifications. Disable the auto syncing unless you are in dire need of the notifications.Refresh these apps manually when you open them. This will stop the apps fromperforming in the background and consuming the battery.Turn off unnecessary hardware radiosIt is great that smartphones are equipped with many interesting features like GPS,Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, data connection.

But there is no need for them to run 24 hours right!So disable them when they are not necessary. It is important to keep the phone idle forsometimes which increases the battery life.Enable the power saving modeThe smartphones are equipped with power saving modes. Enable the option. It will killthe apps that are running in the background thus increasing the battery life of thedevice.

Remove Unnecessary Widgets present on home screenJust because they are making home screen look beautiful doesn’t mean that they arenot consuming battery. These widgets are another reason for more batteryconsumption. So remove all the widgets that are present on the home screen.Never miss the Android UpdatesThe Android OS become more power efficient with each update. So make sure thatyour device is running on the latest Android OS that is supported.Update the Apps regularlyThe apps are given updates in order to overcome the previous bugs.

They are mademore power efficient than they were in the past. So always keep your apps updated.Turn on Airplane mode whenever necessaryWhen you are traveling in a place where the signal reception is less, then it is better toturn on the airplane mode. The phone consumers more battery in its attempt to attainthe poor signal.

So if you don’t need any SIM related services at that moment and don’twant to receive any calls or messages then just turn on the airplane mode. In this way, you can enjoy other multimedia activities too.Customize the App permissionsSelect the apps which should use the location service and which shouldn’t. Don’t givepermission for all the apps to use location service. This required the GPS to be on formore time causing the battery to drainDisable the vibration feedbackThe mild vibration that comes when you touch screen or soft keys is also responsiblefor the draining of battery.

so disable the option.Pick the Wallpaper wiselyThe wallpapers that are in light color illuminate more pixels making the battery to drain.So select the wallpaper that is dark in color. This will save the battery.Use the Lite versions of AppsNow-a-days, app developers are developing lite versions for the phones with lowstorage capacity.

Use these lite versions even if you have a great storage capacityphone. Because lite versions are designed to use low batter, occupy low storage andconsume less data too.Doze ModeThis is the new feature that has been added in Android Marshmallow. It just keeps thephone in hibernation mode when the device hasn’t been used. It is updated a little inNougat and the apps that haven’t been used for a long time when the screen is on arekilled in the background.

Ditch the live wallpapersLive wallpapers are beautiful to see and feel great but they aren’t necessary if you needa long battery life. They are the main reason for the consumption of battery. So avoidthem.Increasing the battery life is simple.

It is inversely proportional to the usage of apps andother hardware features. Never let the phone heat because heating of phone causesthe battery to drain. So use the phone and the extraordinary features it providewhenever they are necessary only. Optimizing the apps, display also plays an importantpart in maximizing the battery life so get a clear picture of the apps that are using morebattery and try to optimize them to the maximum extent.