Thus, the correct educational system. Schools can explore the

 Thus, schools can help improve the talent of students no matter if students have normal or advanced abilities. School is also a good place to communicate with teachers who can teach students a lot. Teachers have their own way of teaching, and some teachers can help students find better ways to learn.

Depending on the teachers, normal students may perform with the same efficiency and results with geniuses. Thus, teachers help students significantly. Schools education can promote the development of talents comprehensively. Schools own advanced education and greater influence. When schools have the right teaching methods, schools can produce many talents. Professor Mu Cun, the professor of education, studied education ideas and methods of the world famous early educators like Witte, Mueller, and Thomson, and this education concluded with a special education tool for children.

Mu Cun established a school of early education and taught violin with those educational methods to the school’s student. Most talents usually have good educational systems, most schools may educate more talents if schools can find those talent’s education tools like Witte and use talents’ educational systems to school.  The violin school receives any children regardless of talent who wanted to go to the school no matter if they have the talent of violin or not. The violin school still could have outstanding honor. The first violinists of the major orchestras in Europe and America were mostly in Mu Cun’s school. People praise Mu Cun’s school that cultivated hundreds of young Mozarts every year. Mu Cun’s school proved school education can develop genius.  Mu Cun’s school can educate thousands of prodigies every year because Mu Cun used the perfect education system rather than students’ talents.

Most schools may cultivate hundreds of talents and make provide lots of advantages to society like Mu Cun’s early educational school if most schools use the correct educational system. Schools can explore the potential of students through developing an interest, improving self-confidence, and regulating good living habits. Other schools can’t create talents because they don’t use correct ways to educate students. For example, some schools in my country China usually use fusty education systems. Teachers teach some constant knowledge and usually doesn’t give student chance to create new ideas, which lead to student lack of creativity and ability of analysis.

Teachers should follow students’ developing interest rather than repress students. Mu Cun’s school could give students opportunities to express their ideas and encourage do anything’s for themselves. If schools created a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere for students,students could have more learning efficiency in this atmosphere   Improving themselves is a basic way to become the genius. God is fair. Most people have the ability they are good at, and each of space such as music, sport, and computation can have prodigies. If people can find what they are good at and improve themselves in this area of expertise, everybody can become a genius.

For example, a very famous entertainment TV show called Superbrain in China have a team member named Zhou Wei. Since childhood, Zhou Wei developmental disorders due to intractable hypoglycemia, but he had a prodigious mathematic talent. If Zhou Wei hadn’t found his special talent, he would have been considered as below par instead. Geniuses can be discovered because they are able to find their talent in a special environment, which lets naturals improve their knowledge in the area where they excel. Becoming a genius is not an easy thing. A talent needs to be innovative and persistent and to have passion.

Talented people don’t have these qualities from birth; Talented people usually improve themselves as talents are growing up aside from their good qualities. Some talented people self-examination themselves every day, improving where they need to and correcting mistakes. If normal people want to have talent, they should work on improving themselves every day like geniuses do.  Constantly reflecting on and perfecting one’s self is often an inevitable part of becoming a talent.  People usually say having an interest is the best teacher. When someone finds something they like, they can often make great achievements because interests can motivate people to learn, not to give up easily, to think more creatively and with depth. Beethoven wrote The Ninth Symphony in spite of his deafness, the deterioration of his health, poverty, mental suffering.

Beethoven’s love for music gave him a strong urge to persevere and the courage defeat any challenge, no matter how many difficulties. Having an interest may have been the strongest weapon for Beethoven to against adversity, allowing him to succeed. Interests can create prodigies that people can’t imagine. When pursuing an interest, people often don’t feel tired and can enjoy the process of learning. Therefore, people should find the interest if they want to become a talent.  People can be inspired to geniuses by family enlightenment, school cultivation, and self-improvement. People also need to have a personal conviction.

People should believe because it is very difficult to become a talent if people don’t believe they can have good talent through education systems. It is not dreaming of using the world’s best present educational system to create genius like Stephen William Hawking.