Throughout whole shoot down to Sudhir and how the

Throughout the night, J.T ordered around a bunch of men to guard the building and to take watch for any outdoor activity.

J.T explained the whole shoot down to Sudhir and how the first car was a decoy to real out BK members and they were “crazy niggers” who dealt with their issues in this manner, which was not the way in which the BK’s and other respectable gangs did. Throughout the night many of the gang members threw out ideas of retaliation and violence but J.

T was very non-committal. He kept everyone calm and told them to wait it out and stand guard. Nothing else happened that night but once the gang had all the details, they rallied up and made their move to correct the situation. J.T thanked Sudhir for staying clam in the situation and helping price. Sudhir finds out from T-Bone that J.

T had received a promotion and will be responsible for more drug dealing. T-Bone was also excited to hopefully soon retire with his savings. With the absence of J.T, Sudhir begins to teach some of the children in the subjects Math, History, etc. Sudhir also meets more frequently with Officer Reggie and follows him around, asking questions and discovers that some police officers participate in gang beat downs and rob them of their possessions like guns, cash, or drugs. In short he learns that the police “hustle” as well as he and the gangs did.

Sudhir has lunch one day with other police officers and recognized one who hung out at Robert Taylor and shook down residents and threatened them, if they did not obey, he threatened to put them in jail. When Sudhir tried to ask him questions, Jerry was quite mouthy and rude, and became very defensive about his work. A few weeks later Sudhir’s car gets broken into, with his things scattered everywhere and found out Jerry and a few other cops were trying to find his notes that he had taken about their questionable activities as they had heard he held them his notes in his car. J.

T tells Sudhir that his promotion is a real thing and Sudhir is happy for him. But he does not tell J.T that his research is soon coming to an end and that he will not be writing his biography.

Sudhir worries about how he will be able to tell J.T this, and questions himself and worries that he has used J.T and other people in the projects to advance in his career.