Throughout the language of mathematics, something definitive and understandable.

   Throughoutmy studies in Mechatronics Engineering, I was always intrigued by heat transferphenomena and its applications. Studying subjects like heat & masstransfer, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics further strengthened my interest.During my bachelors I did projects like design and fabrication of fuelefficient vehicle, analysis of exhaust gases from internal combustion engine, powertransmission using gear system and got endorsements from faculty as well as mysupervisors.  I pursued my career withthis interest and have been working in the designing of mechanical systems.

To model heattransmissions and transfer is akin to describing it in the language ofmathematics, something definitive and understandable. Doing so enables thermofluidsphenomena to be manipulated to achieve engineering objectives. While it may bevery difficult to describe most phenomena via analytical means, development inthe field of computing has certainly made it possible. During my educationaland professional career, I have performed several calculations in terms of heatlosses due to the conduction, convection as radiation as well.

I have used software’slike HAP for heating and cooling loads calculation and spreadsheets based upon Darcy–Weisbachequation, Hazen Williams equation and Bernoulli’s principle. In my professionalcareer, I was also involved with the team who performed Computational FluidDynamics (CFD) analysis of a shopping mall in order optimize basement car parkingventilation system using impulse fans. Designing systems that incorporate boilers,chillers and pumps require in depth knowledge in order to come up with the mostfeasible and energy efficient system. Living ina country gripped by severe energy crisis, it was only natural to appreciatethe importance of developing new and sustainable sources of energy. My interestin thermal storage systems from my work which focuses on the balancing ofenergy demand between daytime and nighttime, storing daytime heat for winterheating, or night cold for summer air conditioning. I have been researching onvarious alternate energy resources along with their impacts on environmentspecifically solar and geothermal energy. I got them implemented on variousprojects and I feel honored to mention that my design work has been appreciatedby my company’s CEO himself, who is chartered energy engineer as well aschartered building service engineer.

  I alsodesigned and fabricated fuel-efficient vehicle along with my university fellowmembers. My team and I were the pioneers of this concept and laid a platformfor other students to take this concept to a new level. The main idea was todesign a vehicle that can run on 100% ethanol but due to lack of technical andfinancial resources we were unable to fabricate that prototype. We managed todesign and fabricate prototype using internal combustion engine and its bodywas simulated on ANSYS to make it aerodynamically stable. Our prototype successfullymanaged to clear 91 vigorous technical and safety tests conducted by Shell inMalaysia. I seek topursue my graduate studies in the field of Mechanical Engineering (thermofluid).With the advent of fast computers, this field has a huge potential to grow andexplain different phenomena that we observe. In doing so, I hope to furtherunderstand the underlying principles that govern heat transmission, fluidmechanics along with energy management.

Such understanding would enable me toadvance my work pertaining to mechanical systems involving fluids in order todesign better energy efficient systems. I believe that I have the necessarybackground in Fluid Mechanics as well as in Thermodynamics, courses in which Iexcelled at undergraduate level, to pursue graduate studies in the field of thermofluid.I choseRyerson University to fulfill my objectives due to several reasons. WithRyerson being involved in research regarding mechanical engineering, I thinkthat I will have substantial opportunities to work on numerous facets of thisfield.

Ryerson University has 133 partner universities in 37 countries so ithas a broad range of research links between them, and with the universitiesworldwide to share information and promote cutting-edge research. These linksalso provide a broader form of learning as students do not just stick to oneuniversity, but also get valuable insight from people working in otherinstitutions. I also believe that apart from academics, Ryerson universityoffers an extremely diverse choice of cultural and social activities to enrichthe lives of students, thereby encouraging them to make new friends and becomeglobal citizens.