Throughout our democracy not only lays on our government,

Throughout generations, by some
means, we have grown to be less involved in politics and elections. The act of
voting is both a personal responsibility and privilege that everyone should be
aware of during government elections or any politic related event that requires
our public opinion. It is why us as citizens fought for many years for the
right to vote and having individuals not using that right it’s very critical. Throughout
history, our U.S. government has been making decisions and creating regulations
on matters which impact our lives every day. Voting in any election is how we
can have our perspectives heard and is our opportunity to choose who represents
us in local, state and federal government. Not only the act of voting is a
responsibility and a privilege in terms of elections, but also for the future
of our community and nation.

Being active during electoral
voting and taking advantage of your right, permits you to elect those who
govern us and lead our country. By doing so, we pay tribute and honor the
people who fought to protect such right for us. In order to a democracy to work,
we must have an elective mechanism in which participation and involvement is
not just simple, but also reachable for everyone. The duty to carry on our
democracy not only lays on our government, but also on us. We as citizens need
to comprehend and have a powerful enough sense of municipal duty that we make
it a precedence to find out how to get engaged, to register to vote, get
knowledgeable, and to truly go to the polls and record our vote. Therefore, it
is a privilege and reasonability to elect the person who will continue to help
any community improve and move forward.

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Furthermore, voting is our
opportunity to unite the many American citizens in their mission for a greater
America. Some individuals assume that their vote is not significant, however,
votes can configurate economic, foreign and social policies. A single vote can reshape
the aftermath of your municipality, state, country, or maybe the entire world. Politicians
believe in us to set them where they want to be. We must vote to have the right
individual fulfill their good conscious promises that they make during their
campaign. If we did not collaborate with our government system; our democratic
structure would fall into dictatorship or different type of government that
would take away our rigts and freedoms. The reason that our government holds on
until we are eighteen years of age to be authorized to vote is because we are
supposed to take responsibility in our homes, district, and local and national
govenrments. When we are starting to fulfill responsibilities, we should grasp more
about our nation and its political system.

Being part of our country includes
many liberties and advantages, but living here also gives us the responsibility
to uphold our nations and democratic mechanism. Our structure is what makes us distinct,
what gives us our prestige, which is one of a free country. Declining our right
to vote is rejecting the freedoms we hold. If the number of voters keeps
declining, our democracy will be destroyed. This is a very unfortunate
situation because when teeneagers grow older and have children, their children
will also be apathetic to political issues. This cycle will continue until no
one will be left voting.

Vote to save our democracy. It is
not only a privilage, bu also a responsibility to keep our governemnt system
going and not fall apart into a network that would take away our rights and
freedoms. Vote to save our democracy. Vote because it is your contitutional
right. Overall, vote because you care about our nation.