Thousands receive all the basic physiological needs: air, food,

Thousands of years ago, without science, technology, engineering, and math or simply STEM education, our ancestors did receive all the basic physiological needs: air, food, water and reproduction.

However, I can’t imagine it was an easy life. Without a knowing their environment, good place to live, good clothes to wear, healthy foods to eat, diseases and early deaths, our ancestors lived a very difficult life. Today, it’s all changed because of the advancement in STEM sectors. We live in a world where billions of events occur every day. With all these events occurring, an innumerable number of questions arises due to curiosity in our mind. All these questions can be explained with the help of science.Today many people have access to electronic devices. With the help of a microscope and telescope, we discovered a whole new world.

Due to the huge improvements in the electronic communication, our gigantic world has become smaller as we’re all connected to one another as never before. This all is possible due to the advancement of technology. Engineering has given us transportation facilities and strong infrastructures like roads, bridges, buildings that can protect us by better withstanding the terrors of the natural world. Mathematics is used not only in banks or restaurants for managing money but is also used in every other STEM field. Listed above were some from the myriad benefits our society has received through STEM education that makes our lives easier and efficient than that of our ancestors. Advancements in STEM education will open new doors and possibilities that will help shape a better future. It will solve the problem of depleting resources, global warming and life taking diseases like cancer and ALS.

According to US Department of Commerce, from 2008 – 2018 STEM jobs are likely to grow up to 17% than non-STEM jobs of ony 9.8% (2). With the growing job opportunities, we can certainly say that the economy of the future will have benefits from STEM education. It will decrease poverty allowing many people to achieve their dreams. With the increase in economy, America will grow more and become globally strong nation.   Multicultural diversity is important in these fields because it helps us to be more innovative. Different people have different life experiences.

Hence, bringing them together will introduce new ideas and concepts that was not considered before making us able to advance more faster. Moving to USA a year and a half ago, I have experienced new cultures, perspectives, skills, ideas and concepts that has helped me to approach events  in a different way. Meeting new people through school and volunteering, I have been exposed to new culture, traditions and practices that are unlike my own. It has not only heightened my social development but also has made me more smarter and innovative.