This to Improving the wider determinants of health and

This essay willexamine health and well-being of children and young people in Nottingham Withfocus on mental ill health on children and young persons in Nottingham and evaluateto what extent are their needs meet.

it will examine what is mentalill health in children and young persons and what the Nottingham city counciland other multiagency are doing to look after those going through this healthissue and what can be done to provide for early detection and prevention.  This easy will look at the challenges face byvictims of mental ill health within the community and access to services.Attention will also be paid to the challenges service providers face inreaching out to this user group.  According the office for National statisticsin (2011 to 2012) revealed that 1 in 8 children age 10 to 15 presented symptomsof mental ill health the data revealed in 2017 that the boy child is 11% morelikely to have mental ill health compared to the girl at 8%.

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 Report published byto Joint health and Well-Being Strategy for Nottingham (2013-2018) revealed a higherpercentage of children and young persons was identified in Nottingham withmental ill heath as compared to East Midland. Mental ill health among childrenand young person’s accounts for the high mortality in Nottingham city. However theJoint health and Well-Being Strategy for Nottingham (2013-2018) maintained thatthere are geographical differences across Nottingham with regards to prevalenceof deaths relating to mental ill health.

Inequalities, deprivation, mentalhealth and prisoners. In an effort to Improving the wider determinants ofhealth and factors affecting health and wellbeing and health inequalities. TheJoint health and Well-Being Strategy for Nottingham (2013-2018) adopteddifferent strategies to tackle mental ill health in children and young personsin partnership with joined up solutions.

With focus on early interventions and preventionof mental ill health in children and young people in line with legislation,campaigns, media work and harm minimisation.  And personalised interventions, cessation.However, People are given help and advices on healthy lifestyles as to make healthychoices and reduce health issues. Thiseasy will consider the economyof Nottingham city in relation to deprivation, who are the most deprived interm of area, gender, age and race within the city of Nottingham it willconsider disability life expectancy with statistics. Inequalities in healthcome at an enormous cost to government and individuals in the societies throughdirect cost of avoidable illnesses and reduced productivity in the workforce.Nottingham city strategic vision is to achieve proper well managed, sustainablegrowth that will impact on health and wellbeing and bring about prosperity.

 This easy will look at the social capital inNottingham city in relation to opportunities  This study will look at the issues around social exclusion, educationand mortality rate. Buck et al. (2015) defined health inequalities as anysignificant disparities in health between individuals and different groups insociety, and these variations could exist in housing and employment, incomelifestyle and access to quality and safe healthcare and other services. Peoplewho live in a bad neighbourhood with low income and deprivation may have lowerlife expectancy and disability-free life expectancy. Health services shouldmeet the individual’s needs through the application of knowledge focusing onprevention as well as remediate of problems and commitment to the improvementof the overall quality of life in the population Environment: thiseasy will look the environmental impact on mental ill health look at what otherareas doing better than Nottingham or what Nottingham is doing better.

Diversity: this easy willconsider the place of cultural values looking at what other cultures celebratesand what need to be done Solutionsalready in place: this report will look at what has being already by the localcouncil and communities to improve the health and well-being of the community? The purposes ofestablishing: the joint health and wellbeing strategy in Nottingham city council is to draw a master plan to tackle andreduce health inequalities as well improve health outcomes for Nottingham citizens.The program run by Nottingham city council health and wellbeing board has afive years project (2010-2015) then it has been extended from 2015-2020. Theplan and strategic priorities it has identified to achieve this goal through apartnership with leaders from the council clinical commissioning groups, andacute hospital Trust as well as the mental health and social care Trust andNottingham city council.

The health and wellbeing board has the mandate toevaluate and understand the future health and social care needs in line with thejoint strategic Neds assessment.The local transformation plans for Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, working toimprove the emotional and mental health of children and young persons throughimplementing the recommendations of Future in Mind (Nottingham CityTransformation Plan for Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Wellbeing2015 -2020 and Nottinghamshire Children and Young People’s Mental Health and WellbeingStrategy (2015 – 2020) Reportfrom Nottingham city council revealed that most of all mental ill healthmanifest before the age of 14 years, and 75% developed by the age of 18 stressingthe need for early Intervention, prevention and Resilience Intervention. Accessto timely support to ensure all children and young people are receiving promptaccess to an appropriate service, focusing Care for the most vulnerable isanother key priority and plan to review services for children and young peoplewith disabilities, young people who are looked after and scope the emotionaland mental health needs of children. Accountability and Transparency will be keyto review and strengthen commission arrangements to fully implementingperformance framework. The Nottingham city council plans to develop a  Workforce to ensure workforce are skilled, experienced and trained to provide ajoint workforce plan and incorporating future capacity planning.

These are the key priorities for the five year localtransformation plan,