This this includes but not limited to fraud (including

section of the work offers the concepts pertinent to the focus of the Article.
The rational for the inclusion of this section in the article lie on the fact
that terms or concepts are bound to have different interpretations and meanings
depending on one’s view of the word, experience and frame of reference, be
aware of the fundamental concepts as have been used in this context will set
the focus on the main theme of the Article, hence it will easy to understanding
this Articles.

Act 2015

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An Act to make provisions for
criminalizing offences related to computer systems and Information
Communication Technologies; to provide for investigation, collection, and use
of electronic evidence and for matters related therewith.

definition Cybercrimes

Is the
range of offence types involving the use of Information Communication
Technology (ICT) such as Attacks against the (CIA) which means Confidentiality,
Integrity and Availability of computer’s information or services. Or
Cyber-crime is an umbrella term used to describe two distinct, but closely
related criminal activities: cyber-dependent and cyber-enabled crimes (McGiure
and Dowling, 2013), the former are offences that can only be committed by using
a computer, computer networks, or other form of ICT. These act include the
spread of viruses and other malicious software, and distributed denial of service
(DDoS) attacks. Cyber-dependent crimes are primarily acts directed against
computers or network resources, although there may be secondary outcomes from
the attacks, such as fraud and the latter, cyber enable crimes, are traditional
crimes that are increased in their scale or reach by the use of computers
networks or other ICT, this includes but not limited to fraud (including
mass-marketing frauds, phishing email and other scams, online banking and e
–commerce frauds) theft (including grooming, and the possession, creation and
distribution of sexual imagery). The definition of cybercrime does not accepted
up to now but almost people continue define cybercrime as the crime committed
over the internet which might include hacking, defamation, copyright infringement
and fraud. According to Oxford Dictionary of Law (2002), cybercrime also means
any criminal or other offence that is facilitated by or involves the use of
electronic communications or information systems, including any device or the
Internet or any one or more of them.