This the incorporation of entrepreneurship to achieve the entrepreneurial

This chapter consistes ofboth foreign and local studies and literatures that are involved inentrepreneurship and how entrepreneurship has a major impact on economic growth.The studies that will be stated have proven to be vastly influencial andprogressive.

Many of the studies site the importance of the entrepreneur andthe need to integrate them in all sectors of society with special regards to theacademic sector in order to enhance the youth in the entrepreneurial mindset.          A shift toward an “entrepreneurial university” model (Etzkowitz,H., Webster, A., Gebhart, C., & Terra, B.

R. C. 2000).

The differentcolleges and universities are essential in the incorporation ofentrepreneurship to achieve  theentrepreneurial university model. Becoming a key factor in integration, theacademe must take actions to ensure a progressive outcome (Poh-KamWong, 2007).Change is a complicated part of human existence but must be implemented, thosewho cannot adopt to change are inefficient(Zulueta, 2014). Shumpeter(1949)stated that society must innovate becoming more adept to change. The statementhas been proven over the generations that change is inevitable and society must change in order to keep on being efficient. Produce capable,skilled and  enterprising  individuals (Collins  & Robertson, 2003). As per the study, it is not necessary to give up on individualcareer opportunities, however one must innovate and be more involed in theentrepreneurial mindset in order to not only helpthe individual but the societyas well.

                   The concept ofentrepreneurship holds a key position in our society (Benchrifa, 2017).Entrepreneurs provide outputs in all sectors of society. The study is focusedon business creation and development having a double effect on a growingsociety.

became an outlet for employment and a tool for stimulating theeconomy(Zerrad, 2017). Entrepreneurial activities are stimulating in nature andmust be implemented in a positive manner.