This success, creativity is the most crucial factor to

This is very important to understand the similarities and differences between all these silos while considering a Business innovation or technology innovation to any organizations. Essentially this is very much important for any organizational innovation process.Creativity: The definition of creativity is the process of bringing something new into being practice. It requires passion and commitment. It brings to our awareness what was previously hidden and points to new life. For the future success, creativity is the most crucial factor to any organization and individuals.

Innovations: Innovation can provide the competitive advantage to any organization with respect to its future planning, focused on new ideas and idea partnership. Innovation is a strategic priority for many technology firms over the current state of applications, it is the best source for application enabler. For healthier competition Innovation is required to have it.

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Innovation should have the Competitive advantage over the portfolio of resources, capabilities, and methods that give a company competitive advantage. Moreover, the Competitive advantage allows a company to be profitable relative to its competitors over the period of time.Entrepreneurship: To my knowledge, the word Entrepreneurship is the art of doing business or ownership of many risks, resources, money and the path to successful business. It is the capacity and willingness to develop, create, organize and manage a business/ firm/venture along with any of it’s wanted or unwanted risks to make a marginal profit over a period. As per Economics, the meaning of entrepreneurship is slightly different as it combined with land, labor, resources, capital and man, material which can produce profits over a period.

Moreover, it is risk-taking which is essential part of entrepreneurship developmentCorporate entrepreneurship: In my organization, the corporate entrepreneurship is a creation of ideas, development of new ideas and opportunity within our company’s new development, innovation and entrepreneurship strategy policy. This is directly linked to our organizational growth and future development Management: This is the process of managing process, people, resources and controlling them at any given point in an organization. As per my current company management business rules, we are typically IT Consulting firm for which we are responsible for managing IT management and its effective way managing IT policy. I am specialized in IT Management, in which is the process of managing all of the IT resources like (Hardware, networking, computers, people, and software).  This is required to generate the value using technology management in IT products or service lifecycle.