This preventing a crisper and more vibrant result, driving

This picture is a zoomedlandscape style point of view taken from an eye level vantage point.  The subject is a branch, part of the tree onthe far left – set against the patterned background of squares, the building’swindows – that has been captured on a drizzly day using those droplets of waterto help and build contrast, whilst the visual’s depth of field suggests thatthe aperture (f-stops) is somewhere in the middle-left end of the spectrum,such as f5.6 with a focal length that may have been 2.5-3.5 metres zoomed.  Albeit appearing a perpendicular shot, thelight register suggest a slightly closed angle from the window as the right endof the frame is slightly darker and appears somewhat distorted in comparison tothe rest.

  Meanwhile another indicatorconfirming a more closed angle is the roof line in the immediate background andthe pattern lines of the windows as they gently lead diagonally and upwards,right to the left.  As it can be seenlight was highly and naturally filtered via the cloud system.  However the high water content in the weatherhelped distribute and contrast better the main subject against the otherwisedull surroundings reflecting and defragmenting its rays bouncing back to andfro the lenses, the glass and the subject. The noise in the picture can be attributed to the fact that due to poornatural light, ISO settings were set at a higher grade for increasedsensitivity to light.  Also there was aglass between the subject and the lenses, as there are some “dirt” markings,engaging most of the bottom right third of the capture.  Those dust particles functioned as a filtertoo, preventing a crisper and more vibrant result, driving further its originalcolours range to the greyish and warm mid tones.

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 The picture works wellbecause the filtered light renders a warm feel and the rain helps enhancecontrast.  A close look at the imagefields reveal the rules embedded in the composition identifiable as the rule ofthirds mainly for the focus subject, leading diagonal lines, indicating flow oftime and space in both the focus, as the branch has been captured diagonallyacross the middle third and the background’s crosshatches as the roofs’ linesand most viewable buildings’ edges confirm. Another identifiable rule is the Fibonacci spiral (aka The Golden Rule)in the background driving from the lowest background tree toward the highertree and encapsulating the higher leaf on the focus branch, whilst ending itsturns catching the second window at the right of the roof on thebackground.  This factor might impactconsiderations of image cropping up to the edge of the right end backgroundtree. The story is aboutvulnerability and strength, it is about how human beings adept themselves to’weathering’ the patterns of life.  Inparallel to a commonly understood idiom that a photograph steals a moment intime and space, so the leaf amongst many, a symbol of growth, fall andregeneration, emphasizes in a western societal context the opportunity for theself to ‘turn over a new leaf’ and thrive at the prospects offered by a fresh startameliorating impacts of earlier faults.