This never occurred to me just how important it

This article discusses howimportant it is for all special education school personnel to be educated in firstaid. Special education children have specific needs and disabilities thatrequire frequent attention.  Somechildren might need certain medications at specific times, some children mightnot be able to use their arms or legs, which means they need help at all times.A child could even be visually impaired. A child could have a physical,developmental, behavioral, or emotional delay.

All special education schoolpersonnel have to be educated in all aspects of any kind of disability thatthey may encounter. This includes knowing the appropriate steps they shouldtake in an urgent situation with one of the children.            Thepurpose of this study was to see how beneficial a first aid program would be toall of the special education school personnel in these schools.

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There were twenty-four special education schools chosen at random in Greece toparticipate in this study. The school personnel’s that participated includedteachers of special education, specialists like speech therapists and nurses,and assistant personnel. The school personnel’s were given a questionnairebefore and after the health educational first aid program. There were questionsabout first aid, or whether or not they have been trained in first aid, or ifthey have any experience is first aid. They could answer these questions bychoosing right or wrong, or I do not know.

They found that before theparticipants partook in the first aid program, many of them were never trainedin first aid. They also found that some of the participants were insecure anduncertain when it came to first aid. The results of the study after the firstaid program showed that the participants’ knowledge of first aid increased andthey are not as insecure or uncertain about first aid as they were before theprogram.             Thisarticle caught my eye immediately.

It was so interesting and informative. Ihave always known how important first aid is and that everyone should know whatto do in an emergency but it never occurred to me just how important it is forspecial education caregivers to know about first aid and to always be up todate with first aid. I could not believe that most of the participants in thestudy had barely any experience in first aid. There are probably a number ofothers who work with special education children that not trained in first aideither.

I feel as if anyone that works with special needs individuals should berequired to take a first aid course so they are able to help the individual inan emergency situation because you never know what kind of freak accident thatcould happen. One reason I chose this article is because my nephew has adisability and if he was ever in an emergency situation, I would hope that thecaregiver at the time would be able to do anything that he or she could to helphim. Another reason I chose this article is because one day I hope that I amfortunate enough to become a Speech-Language Pathologist and have theopportunity to work with special education children. I would hope that I knewexactly what to do if something were to happen to one of the children that Iwas working with or at least know that I did everything that I could.