This in the areas of : water, clean technology,

This project has been a great learningexperience for me; at the same time it gave me enough scope to implement myanalytical aability. SAR Group is one of the India’s respected business groups.SAR Group’s name is synonymous with India’s industrialization. SAR group is oneof the leading companies that provide various solutions to both household andindustries. The group would now Iike to focus on the environment and build newbusinesses, which can make life more efficient and comfortable for the people.With this in mind the group aims to set up five key businesses in the areas of: water, clean technology, telecom, electrical and real estate.

 I had started my project by preparing aquestionnaire and then started visiting various regions of Guwahati, Assam inorder to collect the data. I also visited various distributors and retailoutles and had conducted personal interview with the shopkeepers, which furtherhelped me in understanding about customers’s perception about water purifiers. At end of the project people will beknowledgeable about various water purifier, organisations and differentproducts taking into considerations the sample size in Guwahati region. Projectis a study on the effectiveness of livpure advenisements and its impact on conumerpurchase decision. To get know, a questionairre has been prepared whichcontains open ended and close-ended questions. Firstly pilot study has beendone through quetiorenaires. For collecting the data field survey elethod, personalinterview technique has been used.

Secondary data has been collected from thecompany. The data are presented into suitable tabular forms for drawinginferences. Quantitative techniques like averages, pencentages, range, two-waytables, has been applied as per the requirement.

The level of preference,perception of the customers about the product and company were identified by meansof a scoring scheme. For representation of data various charts and graphs areused as per requirement.