This ignored.[Office9] Issues related to supervision may come in

            This quote from American Hero, General MacArthur parallels forme. Office1 mOffice2 any of the qualities that areimportant for an Athletic Director to possess. These essential characteristicsinclude demonstratingconfidence in multiple situationsOffice3 . To engage in a confident manner,one must have the preparation and understanding of the human resources andtechnology within his or her department. An understanding of the visiblestrengths and not so obvious assets is necessary. Developing proactivestrategies to enable all team members to contribute at their optimum levelbecomes important.

For any of this to happen, the Athletic Director Office4 according to the Stephens R. CoveysPracticesOffice5 must first make changes from within.He or She must come to the realization that no one person knows everything.That admission will become a strength. Office6 Enabling all team members tocontribute will empower the entire team.            The ability to plan forany possible hazards or at-risk situations is an especially important duty ofan A.D.

..Office7  Special considerationis given to creating strategies that would help to prevent possible dangers forinjuries. The “Fourteen Duties Related to Negligence Litigation” Office8 emphasizes this pointbelow.  1. DUTY TO PLAN-This is acomprehensive requirement that transcends all other duties.  Inherent inthis duty is the need to continually conduct focused analyses of potentialhazards and to develop responsive strategies that prevent or reduce thepotential for injury and loss in the following areas:  coachingcompetence; medical screening;  appropriate activities that consider age,maturity and environmental conditions; facility and equipment evaluation andimprovement; injury response; warnings to athletes and their families;insurance of athletes; child advocacy in cases of alcohol and other drug abuse(AODA) or family neglect or abuse.

  Plans and policies should berigorously implemented unless dangerous conditions preventimplementation.  Plans should become policy documents and updatedregularly by administrators, coaches and experts in specific areas (, emergency respond etc.). Negligence can be alleged when an injuryloss results from no planning, inadequate planning or when plans are developedbut ignored.

Office9             Issues related to supervision may come in differentsettings on or off school campus. This can vary from middle school all the wayup to universitycollegeOffice10 . The following case study Office11 illustrates how vital appropriatesupervision is needed at all levels. Sometimes the lack of enough adult orproper coaching technique or supervision can cause serious injury or death.Sometimes adding more assistant coaches or more volunteer coaches to assist in thesetypes of sports where there is full contact.

It is imperative that all coachesof all sports receive the appropriate training. The comprehensive plan that theA.D.

is responsible for addresses at risk situations. For example, theresponsibility of having more adults for contact sports practices minimizesthese hazards. “Dutyto Instruct and to Supervise”: From LTC 504 Legal Issues in I Risk Management.            This case study involves a wrestling coach who was also aphysical education teacher. The case study involves students in a P.

E classwhere they were being taught basic, fundamentals of wrestling. The head coach Lead Office12 and instructed this group of highschool students. The course was for conditioning purposes. He allowed somemembers of the wrestling team to help instruct the non-wrestlers the basictechniques of the sport. Two of the experienced wrestling members decided theywould deviate from what they had been tasked with.

Instead of staying with offollowing the instructions of the coach to stay away from Greco-Roman Olympicstyle wrestling and WWF which is now WWE wrestling, the two wrestlers began toengage in dangerous horseplay. When one of the wrestlers picked up the otherstudent who was not a wrestler, the non-wrestler was slammed on his head usinga grappling move called the soufflé. He was severely injured and became aparaplegic.              Other terms that apply to what occurred here include:Contributory Negligence, in this case study there was not enough adultsupervision or staff assistants to maintain order during the conditioningclass.


has many responsibilities, central to hisabilitiesaOffice13 mong them is having the skill setnecessary to maintain a budget for the Athletic Department. Some of the costsinvolved include the salary of all coaches. Team uniforms, transportation, andthe cost of operating and maintaining a facility are other items in his budget,Planning for a large item such as a water heater or furnace will be ab unexpectedcost.Office14  However, that item will still needto be addressed. With budget cuts erupting everywhere the need for fundraisingbecomes yet another task for the AD, aOffice15 ccepting creativity and input fromstaff becomes a vital learning exercise. This can help team members feel likethey really do matter.

My assertions for this argument is grounded in theParticipatory Theory. These concepts are presented in the Professors’ PowerPointslides. These are stated among the eight major points of leadership theories,styles and traits. From professors’ PowerPoint slides “Leadership Theories,Styles, and Traits”, (8 Major Theories of LeadershipOffice16 )- VI.

ParticipatoryTheoriesThe theory that a leadertakes input from others and then decides what to do.Leaders encourageparticipation by all.Leaders encouragecontributions from all.Leaders realize thatgetting everyone involved and committed             “Because we know that routine and unexpected maintenance demandsare bound to arise, every education organization must proactively develop andimplement a plan for dealing with these inevitabilities. Thus, an organizationmust plan to meet the challenges of effective facilities maintenance. It issimply too big of a job to be addressed in a haphazard fashion. After all, theconsequences affect teaching and learning, student and staff health, day-to-daybuilding operations, and the long-range fiscal outlook of the organization.

” Office17 (SchoolFacilities Maintenance Task Force National Forum on Education Statistics,February 2003). https://nces.ed.

gov/pubs2003/2003347.pdf)Office18 START WITH A STRATEGIC PLAN            “To accomplish this type of fundraising, you need a lotof help from others. That’s why, to start, you must convince administrators,parents, coaches, and the local community to get on board with your ideas.

Thebest way I found to do this was by constructing a well thought out strategicplan”. (ScottGarvis)Office19 (GROUP EFFORT) “As mentioned at the start of thisarticle, an athletic director cannot do this alone. At Burnsville, boosters andparent support groups were integral in our fundraising endeavors. One key wasasking for assistance in a person’s area of expertise. We asked our creativeparents to design brochures, our outgoing boosters to talk to businesses, andthe most organized individuals to oversee special events”. (ScottGarvisOffice20 )            For an A.

D. to be successful he must first know them Office21 self’s. When disruptions occur, or a crisishits the department the leadership must be calm. The A.D. that knows whatbothers him or her and knows how to calm him or herself down in the workenvironment has a positive advantage. That person’s leadership will becomestronger. Having the ability to make adjustments to bend with the wind and notagainst it is important.

The A.D. will come out of the crisis even stronger.

AnA.D. that has cultivated positive relationships with staff and student bodywill feel their support. Community members whose friendship has been captivatedby the A.

D. and his staff will also be allies. Office1Sentencestructure Office2cap Office3good! Office4comma Office5, Office6comma,no cap on Enabling Office7notneeded Office8citationwith date? Office9Thisis not your wording, so make sure you cite it with quotations.

  Also, because it’s 40 words + you need to useblock quote format. Office10Which? Office11Thecase study below… Office12Led? Office13.A Office14fragment+ no caps because it should have been a continuation of the above sentence.

 Office15Transitionaldevice needed Office16Okaythis way, but better to just use a citation w/date. Office17APA40 words + Office18NotAPA Office19Date? Office20Date+ APA Office21his”self.”