This emotions. When Picasso created, he would show rather

This piece is one of many created by Picasso. It is a large oil painting and consists of very abstract designs, but follows a mostly triangular pattern. The painting lacks true colors but is made of different shades of grey, black, and white. Ulike most of his other work, this painting does not lead your eyes from one side to another or up and down. It has a very confusing look and feel.

You can however see a pattern of different faces all with very round heads and long faces. Most of these heads look as if they are in distress or pain. This could imply that while creating this oil painting, Picasso was going through a period of sorrow and reflected his emotions onto the canvas. This is not his first piece to consist of hidden emotions. When Picasso created, he would show rather than tell his mentions and feelings. He spent much time alone in his French apartment which led to depression.

This led to him created several paintings made up of deep blues and dark greys. Many artists show how they feel through their work, but Picasso’s worked was dependent on his emotions. This painting seems as though he was going to a time of confusion and unsureness. This is represented through dark colors and confusing shapes with no apparent rhythm or pattern. Analysis Looking into this painting you can see several different elements of art used.

Although the painting does seem random and pointless, once you begin to look into Picasso’s life you see how random objects bring together an idea or emotion. Picasso titled this piece “Guemica” after the city that was bombed by the Nazis during the Spanish Civil War. He created the painting to show his sorrow and hate against war, and to create a reminder of the tragedies that war causes. It depicts peoples heads unattached from their bodies and with a look of despair and pain. You can also see other body parts such as a severed arm holding a sword laying on the ground. He shows the remains of helpless innocent people torn apart by war both physically and emotionally. This was a very political painting. The actual bombing was aloud by the Nationalist side of spain as almost a thank you for the support from Germany.

The bombing was more or less an act of intimidation to scare the republican forces of spain. Picasso immediately responded with this painting to show his opinion on the tragedy. He was originally asked to create a painting by Spain, but after the bombing he completely changed his idea around and made a painting to represent the sorrow of the bombing.

He includes both animals and people to show how both suffered from the bombings and the fires caused by it. You can also see a pigeon between the horse and bull, which seems to be almost broken. This represents the breaking of the existing peace in the city. Overall, each symbol in the painting represents some form of sorrow whether it is from an animal or human.Interpretation Pablo Picasso was an amazing artist and though he was also great at many other things such as pottery and sculpting, he was able to truly show who he was through his work. He had a way of creating paintings that at first seem pointless and formless, but once evaluated and interpreted you begin to understand how each small detail is a large symbol for an idea, event, or feeling. At first glance, Guemica looks like Picasso took pieces from other paintings and tossed them into another.

But once you look closer at each shape and figure, you begin to notice how an arm actually symbolizes a fallen soldier or how a simple bull head is meant to show how even animals such as bulls, cows, horses and even birds, were affected and killed by the fires caused by the bombings. Picasso was able to pack a great amount of meaning into very simple objects and shapes. He didn’t need to make captions or have extremely obvious drawings to get an idea across. We can see this in not on Guemica but many of his other pieces as well.Evaluation Pablo Picasso’s work is meaningful because it can be relatable.

You look at one of his paintings and you can almost feel what he is feelings and seeing just based off of the colors and textures used. Most of his work is made of deep shades of blue and different shades of black and white.  Picasso used the absence of color to show his absence of happiness and joy. Each of his paintings can have a different meaning to someone than the originally intended meaning, but yet it always has the same feeling.

He takes small details and turns them into their own painting with their own shape, pattern and color, then adds all of these details together to form a painting. This gives each painting multiples little stories each depicting a different idea with the same general meaning. I personally think he also uses his work to speak or his home country of Spain as well as Paris. I think he used his work to show his feelings towards certain events where he lived.

Though some of his work was looked over and not taken seriously, each piece had a deep meaning to him, and later to hundreds of people.