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This 611-paged book written by the well-acclaimedauthor of thriller fiction, Dan Brown, has brought Robert Langdon, theprotagonist of his series books into another dimension of conspiracy theoriesusing 14th century classics from Florence, Italy. Inferno by DanBrown is the fourth novel of the Robert Langdon series. The protagonist’sexploit to hindering the plans of a billionaire who’s a genius when it comes togenetics, Bertrand Zobrist, to cease humanity is piled up into its 104chapters.                 The story revolved to thepeculiar escapades of Robert Langdon in the search for the unknown. He attainedto combine art history and symbols with a modern mystery that only the hero canunwind. The story flows with the help of the relics left by poet Dante Alighieri.Langdon deciphers codes that reveal the location of a plague that is securelyhidden by the antagonist Bertrand Zobrist conceived to slaughter the humanity’spopulation by leaving them barren.

                What makes me thirst more to thenovel is the composition of Zobrist’s idea that in order or the world toachieve paradise, it fist needs to undergo through hell. That led him to theidea that a plague that will cause humans to be unable to reproduce is merely theway to diminish the aftermath of our world. In here, all the astounding plots started. It also brings out the ideathat there are tons of ways on how to save the planet stocked in the smallestregion of our minds.                This novel will surely satisfyany listeners who want to feed their hunger in historical materials and to literatures that moved the world before.

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The story also makes the pleasure to wonderthrough the ruins and walls in Italy intense. I highly recommend this book tothose with obsession of mystery and thrilling twists and to those that are notbecause this novel will turn you into one.