These televisions, from postcards to emails, everything is based

These words motivated me to pursue masters in electrical engineering and to never stop learning. Ever since my childhood, I have always been fascinated by electronics and computers. When I first had my mobile phone I saw a picture of the hard disk of 5Mb size carried by ten people and now how it evolved into the hard disk of 256Gb of a small chip, From landline telephones to smartphones, from radio to televisions, from postcards to emails, everything is based on Electronics. Thus it is clear that this field is a necessary part of human life and development. This rapid advancement in the electronics industry is the reason to choose masters in electrical engineering.

 Therefore my passion towards electronics landed me up in Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology where I opted for electronics and communication engineering.  The first year of under graduation was on basics of all the engineering subjects. Next two years was entirely based on core subjects and practical implementation of it. During the course of study, subjects like digital signal processing, Microprocessors and Microcontroller Analysis, Very Sarge Scale Integration Test and Design fascinated me. Also, laboratory sessions on MATLAB software, embedded systems strengthened my interest in the electronics field.

With good theoretical and practical knowledge I secured 81.97% in academics. Digital design through Verilog was introduced in the sixth semester of the under-graduation program. I felt that this field.

    I did my schooling from St.Alphonsus High School, in a conducive atmosphere which made a competitive person. Then I joined Narayana junior college, wherefrom I secured 95.8% in higher secondary school. During this time, I developed a great interest in Mathematics and Physics. As school plays a vital role in student’s life, it encouraged me in all-round development skills other than academics. I participated in inter-school cricket competitions and inter-school quizzes.    In the fifth semester of my under graduation, I dealt with a group project in Embedded systems.

I designed a real-time project titled “AUTOMATIC DOORBELL USING ULTRASONIC SENSOR” gave me a great insight into the embedded field. It works on the principle of ultrasonic sensors were the main aim of the project is to detect the obstacles. Further the project can also be used for distance measurement, which is an efficient way to measure the small distances precisely.

This project can be extended and used as a blind stick for the blind and also a GSM module is used as an extension for sending a message to the owner. By increasing the number of sensors an ultrasonic robot can be made which is used for detecting the obstacles for avoiding a collision. The project being a group work taught me the importance of group coordination.I interned at ECIL which is one of the largest electronics company in India and it has been a great pleasure taking an internship in it. My internship was based on VLSI domain in which I gained deeper knowledge about electronics. And hence based on the knowledge I gained in this intern, I designed and implemented a “SINGLE PRECISION FLOATING POINT MULTIPLIER USING VERILOG” as my MINI project. Floating point number is represented by IEEE 754 single precision floating point representation. Dadda multiplier is used to multiply the mantissa.

The main objective of this project is to increase the speed of execution and the multiplier handles both underflow and overflow. The multiplier is implemented and targeted to Xilinx FPGA.    I have presented seminars in every semester related to different courses in electronics and communication, few topics are wireless transmission of electricity, supercapacitors and obstacle detection robot. Based on my seminars I have done my group project called automatic doorbell using ultrasonic sensor.

I have been an active member of THE ELECTRONIX CLUB where I learned the basics of embedded systems and markup language. The exposure I received made my work easy for further projects.Apart from my academics last summer I took up a certification course in core java from internshala.

I worked as a coordinator and organized an event called RIGOLADE 2K17 in my college.   After a thorough research on graduate programs and department website, I am confident that the faculty and infrastructure are excellent.I feel that Masters from a reputed university as yours will help in achieving my goals. I hope your university will offer me, a good atmosphere for research so that I will be able to enhance my career opportunities.

I am excited to be a part of your esteemed university and start my future ahead.