There would rather be miserable and just go along

There are many different ways conflict can come into play, as well as many different ways to respond to it. Conflict can be anywhere at anytime. In this case, it is shown in sources such as, Dear Miss. Breed, The Diary of Anne Frank, and “Elie Wiesel.” These three sources face conflict that they must face. Although there are many different ways that people respond to conflict. People can best respond to conflict by remaining calm and working things out rather than going straight to taking action.

Finding the good in bad situation can help make things easier for you and the people around you. It can take one’s mind off of all the bad stuff that is happening and just make the best out of it. For instance, in Dear Miss. Breed, a group of children write to Miss. Breed telling her all about the camps they were placed in.

All the kids have a different take and look on the camps. One girl wrote “One of the most beautiful scenery was when crossing a bridge which was right above the Colorado River. It is indeed, a beautiful river.

“(page 49 & 50) Even though she is going to a concentration camp, she doesn’t focus of all the negativity, instead she sees the beauty on the way there.”In spite of all the difficulties, Louise’s positive and patriotic spirit rings true in these final words of her letter.” Louise continues to have a positive mind set throughout all of this mess that she was put into.  Most of the people in the same situation as her, only saw the negativity in moving away. They would rather be miserable and just go along with the bad things that they are faced with. But if you go straight to taking action, it can lead up to bad things such as violence and people getting hurt. Working things out is better than going straight to taking action because you need to think of the consequences that will happen if you go to taking action. If one goes straight to taking action, it can lead to many things.

Going to action can lead to violence and people getting hurt. Others might go straight to action and not think about all of the consequences that will happen. In The Diary of Anne Frank, Anne’s parents did not go straight to action. Insead they thought of a plan and made sure that they would be safe. “Margot told me that the call-up was not for Father, but for her. At this second shock, I began to cry.

Margot is sixteen -apparently they want to send girls her age away on their own. But thank goodness she won’t be going; Mother had said so herself, which must be what Father had meant when he talked to me about our going into hiding.”(page 11 & 12) This shows that Anne’s parents have been thinking about this and planning ahead about the change. Anne’s parents thought ahead about what they wanted to do to ensure the safety for them and their family.Perseverance can help you get through the hard times as well as make you a stronger person. If you look at Elie Wiesel, he was in the Internment camps where his sister and mother perished. He was just a child when this happened.

Him and his father were then moved to another location and his father then perished. “When he was 15 years old. His mother and younger sister perished…Wiesel and his father were later transported to Buchenwald, where his father died.

“(The United states Holocaust Memorial Museum)  Elie was fortunate enough to survive the internment camps. Even though his sister and parents passed away, he still had the willpower to live and have a successful life. Of course there are some people who can not bear the loss of family members or close friends. It is very difficult and some just end up giving up on life. They have no willpower to get up and do something with their lives. Instead they just stay sad and don’t live their lives because they are too scared to let go.

But instead of keeping everything inside and staying sad all the time. You can persevere through it and stay strong like Elie Wiesel. He ended up being a very successful. Elie Wiesel persevere through the difficulties and a hard life. Then went he got out of that, he soon was able to have a triumphant life.

As one can see from the evidence in the previous paragraphs. That it’s best to take the route of thinking things through instead of going straight to action.In Dear Miss Breed, the children kept a positive mind set while in the camps and did not focus on the negativity.  In The Diary of Anne Frank, Anne’s parents thought of a plan before they did anything to ensure the safety of their family.

In “Elie Wiesel”, Elie persevered through tough times in order to survive and live to have a successful life. These are just some examples of why you should not go straight to action when it come to conflict. If a conflict comes upon one’s life, they can work things out by thinking out what they should do rather than going straight to action.