There were concentrated around the Greek culture. The trade

There is adebate on whether the origin of globalization is a situation of modern era orwas a long chapter from the history. Andre Gunder Frank, a greater promoter of globalizationand an economist  linked dependencytheory to the globalization. He said that the increased in the trade practicesbetween the Indus valley Civilization and the Sumer in the third millennium wasthe starting. During the Hellenistic age, the commercial urbancenters were concentrated  around the Greekculture.

The trade included places like Indiaand Spain ( Antioch, Alexandria andAthens are top centers) The Roman Empire, Han Dynasty and the Parthian Empire saw the trade linksformed among themselves. The evolution of the silk route was because of theactive commercial trade between these powers.The Islamic Golden Age- An economy was formed by the Jewishand the Muslim traders which focused on globalization of the crops , knowledgeand education. Muslim world saw a significant growth in cultivation of sugarand cotton. It became a necessity to know Arabic.

MongolEmpire- they used the silk route a lot for travelling. They gave permission totravellers such as Marco Polo to make a profitable journey from one end of Eurasiato another. This was called the PaxMongolica, a globalizing effect. This was the start of the first postal service but the epidemic diseasessuch as bubonic plague also started transmitting across central Asia. Archaic Globalization is the  pre modern period of globalization. Age of Discovery – This was first phase in which Africa and Eurasia  took efforts to be a part of the newworld  by cultural, material andbiological exchange.