There to get more detailed information about facilities such

There are many benefits for Starwood
Hotels if they were to introduce touch-screen technology into their
business. For one, customer satisfaction would increase because the
customers may find it easier and more convenient to search for what they
are looking for using a touch-screen monitor located in the hotel lobby
and rooms. For example, a customer could benefit from having an
interactive map of the hotel grounds versus having to wait in line at the
front desk to ask questions and get directions. This way on the touch
screen monitor they would be able to get a visual and zoom in and out on
the map, or select certain areas of the map to get more detailed
information about facilities such as the pool or gym. Customers might also
to be able to book restaurant reservations to nearby restaurants and
browse the menu using on an on-screen app. I feel that the more
interaction that the customers could have would make this a more enjoyable

down side is that not everybody agrees that touch-screen technology is a good
idea. Although many people have adapted and are able to use it more widely,
some older people who are not accustomed to using technology, even more so
touch screens, would find it inconvenient and difficult to use. Implementing
touch-screen technology into the hotel would also require that all of the staff
be trained on how to use the devices and be prepared to help customers who do
not know how to use them. There may be some customers that prefer not to use
the technology and you cannot force them.

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Touch screen technology is
something that is new, exciting and innovative because it uses easy and
comfortable movements that most of us are already used to making when
using a smartphone or tablet. Do I think that touch technology will replace
the WIMP interface? Eventually, but I feel we are not there yet. Being as
though they have not been able to come up with anything that can match
typing on a physical keyboard. Sometimes having to use a touch-screen
keyboard can be uncomfortable and having to make so many hand movements
can become time consuming and inefficient, especially for something such
as office work.
Technology develops so fast that
it is hard to know if something was developed to solve a problem or just
because companies have to outdo one another and advancements in technology
come about. A couple of years ago, our problem was that everything was too
big and we wanted to make devices miniature enough to fit in people’s pockets,
which was able to be solved by making phones and devices smaller. Now, in
today’s society people want bigger screened devices that they are able to
touch and at the same time have mobility. I feel as though touch screen
technology is a part of the solution but nowhere near the end solution. It
is merely a milestone in the ongoing journey of technology and its