There syndrome, and many others that most people don’t

There are many disorder and diseases that many people all over the world  try to overcome. Some of these include Cancer, diabetes, depression, HIV/AIDS, down syndrome, and many others that most people don’t know about. One disorder that is known my most is Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s is a type of disorder that can be caused by a brain disease or an injury.

It affects someone’s memory and behavior which is why it is considered to be a type of dementia. As well as affecting the memory of a person, it causes changes when reasoning with others and causes personality disorders. Multiple people think that Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease is the same, but that is not the case. Alzheimer’s is a form of Dementia which means that it may have some similarities, however it isn’t always caused the same way or functions likewise. Rather than Alzheimer’s disease being a mental illness, it’s a physical disorder that is caused because of nerve cells that strike the brain in certain areas. In the case of most patients as the years go by they become very disadvantaged with power and strength. As a result of this, many people are put into nursing homes to help them. Experts have established a concept that every nursing home has at least one Alzheimer’s disease patient or one with a form of dementia.

  One of the biggest issues when it comes to getting Alzheimer’s is who will take care of the one with the disorder. There are many different options for this but the most common solution is to hire a caregiver. The caregiver will be the one in charge of the person with Alzheimer’s and their job is to help with anything needed. They use their knowledge of the disorder to advice and comfort their patient. This involves many tasks from clothing and bathing them to talking to them and reminding who they are or who their family is. Many different issues develop as the disorder advances and it makes the role of the caregiver even more important.

Most of the time the caregiver will be a family member, for example the spouse or child of the individual. It is harder for them but easier for the Alzheimer’s patient because they know these people and have already established a relationship with them.  Not only does the caregiver have to deal with this physically but emotions are a huge part of the job. They have to be able to handle tough situations without showing it too much to their patient. If the patient realizes that something isn’t ok then they start to worry and that can be too much stress, therefore causing more harm than good. This is why sometimes the family decides to hire a caregiver that is new to them. The caregiver that hasn’t been in their life as long has a better chance of doing their job without being emotionally attached.