There rather than happy go lucky. Victoria Secret is

There are serval ways a message can be delivered and interpret.
Victoria Secret advertises a particular image to the word that negatively effects young people who are becoming
worryingly obsessed with their body image. Modeling can make someone
sense confident while other times modeling can make someone feel insecure. There
are saying daily, that beauty is on the inside yet, fashion distinguishes beauty
a different way. Victoria Secret emphasizes on
the word “perfect”. Whether you are looking in a magazine or on a wall,
there is a “perfect” image of a model staring at you.

The Victoria Secret fashion show is a once a year show
where the top twenty-four fashion models perform. The show attracts millions of
people, as they watch models strut down the runway with giant angel wings on
their back in lingerie. All Victoria Secret models are portrayed as angles and
each out has a different theme. Victoria Secret does not promote self-confidence
nor focuses on what is best for them rather than what is realistic and how other
people interpret their image. The runway models are the opposite of the average
women. Every single person is born different yet, these models are somehow the
same while they are extremely skinny, skyscraper
tall, and a “perfect” symmetrical features. The main idea of sexual
imagery in media todays results in most young people being addicted to a look
that is “perfect” and buy the latest fashions and wanting to be someone they
are not. The sad thing is that these unrealistic body images do not only exist
in the media; they surround us, although they have become so entrenched in our
society that we do not even notice.

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Secret commercials are intended to increase sales but, they portray an image of
being sexy rather than happy go lucky. Victoria Secret is the top company for
lingerie sales and has a unique view on selling their products. Advertisements should
be realistic because any people set models on television or walls as examples
to follow. Most things that are advertised are exaggerated and women’s features
tend to more beautiful. Views these advertisements lows several people’s self-esteem
and brings the wrong concept on what beautiful is. Fashion advertisements are
in the modern society and should be natural appearance.  Victoria Secrets advertising should demonstrate
to uplift people and build moral charter in their commercials or signs. Also, display
a model that is realistic to others and distinguish everyone sexy instead of
disregarding the way others portray their media. To get people’s attention the advertisements
must have a strong eye-catching appearance. Yet, advertising is also about information
and what satisfies people. Victoria secret does have the eye catching “perfect”
models yet, sends information out to be “perfect”. The advertising of women has
increased in such a way that it is extremely important because it is all around.
There are several perspectives that are shown in public but somehow seem to be negative
because not everyone has the same identity or image as one another.