There levels and A levels. Our college education is

There are almost more than 260,900 educational
institutes in Pakistan that are giving education to more than 20 billion
students with the assistance of 1.5 million teachers. Among all institutes, there
are 180,846 public institutes and 80,057 private institutes. So in general,
Pakistan has 31% private institutes and 69 % government institutes. So ratio of
public sectors is more. If we talk about infrastructure of our
educational system it is almost like the system of British ones. At very first
level we have Kindergarten, Nursery, and Prep that are basically part of Pre
School education designed for children of 3 to 5 years. After 5 years, children
are promoted to primary schooling consists of class 1 to 5. According to a
survey we have only 80% children who finish their primary schooling each year.
After completion of primary levels, students are promoted to secondary
schooling consists of grade 6 to 10. The language and way of instruction of
subjects in schools depends on the school’s nature as we have two types of
schooling, one is English medium and other is Urdu medium. It only depends on
public and private nature of institute.

After passing Matriculation Exam conducted by
BISE Lahore, students are promoted to College and University level education.
Quality of education there also depends on nature of institute.

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All secondary schools come under the Ministry of
Education. All schools almost follow a same syllabus in two languages, English
and Urdu. Up to 5th grade subjects taught are English, Urdu, Science,
Islamiyat, Math and Drawing. After 5th grade there comes Physics, Science,
Homeconomics/Arts, Math, Chemistry and Islamiyat. Then students are given
choice between science and computer group in 9th and 10th grade. There are some
schools who also offer fitness training of 30 minutes daily in morning and
First Aid during grades 9 and 10. There are also some schools who offer O
levels and A levels. Our college education is divided among FSc pre Eng. /Pre
Med, ICom, FA and ICS. Then in University level students are provided with
specialized education for 4 years. 

In Pakistan’s Educational System, Government
institutes specially schools are such institutes who enjoys very less support
from Government specially in terms of finance. In terms of Gross Domestic
Product, only 2 to 2.3 % budget allocates on education each year. Government
even spends more budget on army then on education. Due to less financial
support, Government schools are the most under paid and poor in
performance.  40 % of the government
educational institutes are even deprived of basic facility of electricity and
water .They don’t even have washrooms. Worst case is this that they don’t have
even boundary wall. Students their do not even enjoy tables, chairs and sit on
muddy floor. Teaches are not even provided with blackboards to write on.

In contrast, private schools possess every
facility of life but charges very high fees. Only topmost level of the society
means elite class can afford them. Such schools develop the personality of
their students by focusing on their moral values but they are only for children
from the rich and the powerful families. They generally own best facilitate
environment that includes libraries, different laboratories, computer labs and
qualified teachers. People consider it better to have their children admitted
in such schools. Private schooling is also gradually becoming a status symbol
because children there learn English language very fluently which will be
useful for their career in West. 

Dilemma is that private education is
facilitating only the rich children, they don’t possess any facility for poor.
Due to which society is facing an unbalancing environment. Poor is becoming
only poorer. Such schools should open few seats for poor ones’ where they can
enjoy equal standards of education. According to 2011 survey, we stand on 189th
number among world literacy ranking. There are many reasons for such low
literacy rate. We have male dominating society who don’t prefer their girls to
get educate. We have feudal lord system in our rural areas who don’t let their
population aware of importance of education. Moreover rural areas also don’t
possess much schools. We also have population expansion and unemployment.
People are very poor here and which is the biggest cause of such low literacy

The poor does not have money to bear the
education expense of their children. They prefer to put their children on some
work so can they get money for their food. Some people are even so poor that
they send children to Orphanage or centers providing free care or to left them on
roads alone. Poverty also causes some bright students to leave their studies
and work for their family food. That’s why child labor is increasing day by

Lack of Government interest towards educational development is
also a factor contributing towards such low literacy rate. Some schools also
have Political influence which is main cause of poor performance of institute.
Such schools don’t provide fair results and their examination system also
contains loop holes. This is actually the case with many government schools.
That’s why today we are not having any alternative of Jinnah or Iqbal.

Gender discrimination is also a cause. As our society loves
their sons more so some parents don’t sent their girls to schools. They only
focus on education and development of their sons. Girls are neglected in many
parts of our country. Girls are 6% percent less in ratio in schools. People
also have social problems. School may be too far and students may not have facilities
to reach these schools. Another cause of illiteracy is family problems. If
parents are workers, they want their children to be workers too. Our children
also have lost interest in education too. They keep themselves busy in mobiles,
video games, computers etc. and waste their valuable time.

Most important part of any educational institute are its teachers.
Teachers are the personality developers. But a sad fact is that no one is
paying attention towards the proper building of their personality and also of
their resources.

 In Pakistan, the most unattractive
and underpaid profession is teaching.

Salaries provided to teachers even in private sectors are very fewer in
they are unable to live a reasonable life. This creates an impact of
demotivation in them.  This doesn’t
encourage them to teach their students with full devotion and that’s why they
don’t perform their duty effectively. This greatly affects the quality of
education of an institute. There is also a big lack in personality of
principals of schools. They lack the ability of staff coordination and staff
training. They don’t treat their staff on equal levels, rather they own a sense
of superiority over them.  Due to which
sometimes verbal war starts in institutes. Sometimes teachers don’t take their
classes in revenge. This ultimately affects the quality of education and
student suffers.

Some schools don’t have proper procedure of work due to lack of administration
power. Administration fails to instruct teachers properly due to which teachers
don’t know the proper procedure of teaching. There are also some schools who
don’t appoint proper number of teaching staff which forces teachers in those
schools to take more burden of classes then they are required of. This leads to
their physical discomfort and hampers the quality of education. Moreover
teachers are required to cover a huge syllabus in short time. In order to cover
the quantity of education, quality of education somewhere remains behind and
don’t even let teachers to focus on personality grooming of students which is
basic purpose. 

Syllabus is also a big dilemma of our education system. Curriculum and the
syllabus is the backbone of worth and success of any educational system. This
is something which should not be stagnant and should vary according to new
researches and world standards. We have such low literacy rate and children who
are getting education they are not learning anything according to modern world
standards. Today we are learning same syllabus which our parents’ even
grandparent used to learn and this is a real point of concern.

are fed up of following the same curriculum because it does not have anything
new and that’s why many students prefer to study abroad.

Effects of illiteracy
on society are terrible. Success of a country depends on its strong educational
policies. Where there will be more illiteracy, there will be less success.

We have Article 25-A
ordinance in constitution of 2010 regarding providing free education. According
to ordinance, Government should give free education to children from grade 1 to
10. Moreover parents do not have to bear any expense regarding education of
their children and government will ensure the presence of all children in

According to Dr Kozue, Pakistan is
making a slow progress towards education development.

According to Mrs. Razina Alam, we have
57000000 illiterates in our country which also includes 24000000 out of school
children. Government is making day and night efforts for improving this

No doubt that our government is making efforts and also
providing free education but the thing is same that environment of government
schools is not conductive for learning. Basic facilities are absent. Moreover
these Government institutes are limited only to certain area. There are still
such areas in Pakistan who don’t have an instance of school yet.

Government should also impose very strict laws forcing every parent to
send their child to school. When each and every child will get education,
society will improve accordingly.

Government should also
increase the budget which is to be allocated towards education. Moreover highly
skillful people should be employed on key posts so that they could give good
education. There must be such programs which arouse the importance of education
and the urgency to learn among students so that we could compete with the
world. Islam promotes education and people should be aware of this very fact.
There is an even when Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said that he would set free the
prisoners who would teach Muslims. By this we can comprehend to what degree
education is importance in Islam.

Today western world is progressing day and night. This is
happening only due to their strong educational policies and advancements.

societies like us education is the matter of life and death. Terrorism is
common in our society and people who are involved in this are mostly
illiterate. Illiterate mind cannot think anything reasonable. Uproot of
extremism only requires proper knowledge and education. People should be aware
of what is right and what is wrong. Moreover an illiterate person cannot find
any reasonable job to earn and that is why he looks for shortcuts of earning
money. He will do any kind of unethical thing to earn his living.

Pakistan is lucky to have biggest youth power. Only need is to direct
their energies and minds toward right direction. Our education system can be
improve a lot by taking only few minor steps. Our youth has much high dreams
and we can fulfill them by providing them with little resources. If we will
fail in doing this then millions of people will suffer. Their dreams and
potentials will be broken and will opt a dangerous shape.

               If youth is provided
with proper education they deserve, they will set forth the country on the road
of progress.