There despite the gruesome nature of some crimes, I

There are a number of reasons why I want to be a forensic scientist. One reason being that not everyone can become a forensic scientist, it requires a unique personality to deal with things that most people may find gruesome. However, despite the gruesome nature of some crimes, I find that one of the most admirable things about forensics is how the story of a crime is told through the evidence. The evidence speaks even if victims cannot and it has an unmistakable way of storytelling that witnesses lack. I love that this job is not just about providing justice, it can also give closure to victims and their families. As a forensic scientist I would have a job I can be proud of, steering me towards a meaningful and rewarding career.Other captivating aspects of becoming a forensic scientist include scientific research and the opportunity to train others who are just as enthusiastic about the world of forensics as I am. Learning through research and teaching through mentorship are invaluable in forensic science and possesses the potential to help solve future crimes. Finding quick and efficient ways to analysis evidence without compromising it greatly assists law enforcement officers and improves the way we identify, classify, and evaluate information.Since I have become a crime scene technician, my passion for forensic science has deepened. Being a crucial member of criminal investigations has shown me the importance of integrity. Taking pride in collecting and preserving evidence has been a significant factor as it can be used to prove guilt or innocence. I know the same will be true when I am a part of the analysis of evidence. This encourages me to be proactive against crime, displaying our services as a deterrent for criminals to aid in restoring safety in the community.Admittedly, the path to becoming a forensic scientist has not always been easy, yet there is so much more to learn and experience . Given the opportunity, I see myself employed with the Louisiana State Police Crime Lab for the next five years and longer. Though I will be excited to finally achieve my goal of becoming a forensic scientist, I am prepared to work hard to be successful. As a Forensic Scientist with the Louisiana State Police Crime Lab I would be challenged, gain long-term stability and most importantly achieve short and long term goals through career development.