There combine available space and luxury, but none quite

There are many vehicles on the road claiming to combine available space and luxury, but none quite like the Mercedes Benz Sport Marco Polo. Designed to bring luxury to the traveling and camping driver, the Marco Polo offers enough room to seat seven comfortably.

But this is not a traditional camper van, and there is more than meets the eye inside these doors. Read on to learn more about how this camper van is redefining the genre by incorporating features that other models of camper vans can only dream about having. The Marco Polo is the only way for a mid-sized group to travel in style and luxury, and have all of their needs met on the go. With many additional features that other camper vans don’t include, the Marco Polo offers drivers and their loved ones a more sophisticated experience for long drives and camping trips.

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But it also includes all of the traditional necessities that any crowd would need to be comfortable on even the longest road trip. The kitchenette area makes it easy to cater to any crowd, whether you need to make drinks for a hen night or make a meal for family members. Sit at the camping table and enjoy the comfort and quality of leather seats and premium climate control. This is the ultimate vehicle for day trips or longer adventures where everyone wants to get to a destination but does not want to sacrifice style.

If a group is heading to an important event, and needs to make an impression when they pull up, the Sport Marco Polo is the obvious choice. The black tinted rear windows keep prying eyes away from you as you get ready to make an entrance. Luxury touches add to the unique style of the vehicle and incorporate convenience into every aspect. With automated components to help the driver and passengers as they travel, there is no need to stress or exert anyone. The easy pop up roof and electric powered sliding doors make it easy to load and unload, or simply kick back and relax inside the vehicle. Seating for seven and three climate zones mean even a large family or group can enjoy the longest drives in comfort without conflict.

With yacht flooring and leather seating, this is not like the average camper van. But it offers all of the function a less stylish camper van would, including a luxury couch that pulls out into a bed, external connections for fresh water and power and comfort seating for the driver and passenger. There is a reversing camera to make it easy to park, whether the driver wants to back onto a nature site or into a city parking space.

This is one of the most innovative and interesting Mercedes for sale in UK, designed to help drivers camp in luxury style. To find out more about this vehicle and see one in person, visit a nearby Mercedes Benz dealership.