The worth noting that despite the fact that the

The pressure from the
various sectors of the society in regards to integrity is brought to the fore
in the play. For instance, the King and his close associates spend a lot of
time drinking and gambling thus bringing about some problems in the kingdom in
things like the making of credible decisions. Hamlet is aware that in order to
eliminate all the problems the kingdom is facing, he has to kill Claudius.
However, he is not ready to kill or to let fate dictate his future. He is aware
that by giving in to fate he will be able to swiftly find peace, as he would
have avenged the death of his father.

William Shakespeare is thought
of as one of the top play writers, most of the plays that he wrote have been
displayed in various theatres across the world, attracting millions of people
to watch. Hamlet is one of his renowned plays that has attracted a great deal of
attention due to the various aspects more so in regards to the manner in which
the play is written, themes and the flow.   Unlike other plays were
written by Shakespeare, it is not easy to determine the reason why some of the
events in the play take place or to predict successfully what might happen next
in the play. Depending on personal perception, an individual can be able to
make an argument for the reasons as to why various things happen or do not
happen. In that aspect this play is unique simply because it does not have an
ending that each can attest. For instance the reason as to why the queen agrees
to remarry too soon.  The hunger for power in most societies in the world
has been the primary cause of atrocities. The play Hamlet is and will remain
one of the most controversial in the world, thanks to the writing prowess of
Shakespeare. It is worth noting that despite the fact that the play has
elicited a lot of debates from various parts of the world it still manages to
bring people from various parts of the world whenever it is staged. The desire
to understand the story line and also appreciate the reason for the various
occurrences in the play has contributed immensely to the ever-growing interest
in the play.   Despite the fact that the play was written very many
years ago most of the occurrences in the play can be related to the challenges
that a significant number of people are faced with in the contemporary.

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