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The French revolution turnedagainst itself because it involved its citizens against its monarchy andmilitary. This only hurt The French revolution was more radical than its Americanpredecessor because French revolutionary leaders repudiated existing societyand wanted to replace it with new political, social, and cultural structures.

TheFrench Revolution was facing serious fiscal problems 50 % of tax revenues wasgoing to war debts. The French society took the enlightenment idea of “Liberty,Equality, and Fraternity” where its goal was to abolish social orders, seizechurch lands, and redefine clergy as civilians. This provided a constitutionthat left the king in power but subject to legislative authority. While Americanrevolutionary leaders sought independence from British imperial rule but werecontent to retain British law, social, and cultural heritage. This is whereproblems arose because the French revolutionaries had no experience in self-governing.The French revolution was more radical than the American revolution because theFrench revolution overthrew the government, upper class, catholic church, andinstituted a racial society that was based on enlightenment ideas.

This led tothe civil war and battles between revolutionaries that did not agree with theenlightenment. In a way, it is possible to say that the American Revolutionturned against its roots. Through the declaration of independence Thomas Jeffersonwanted the spread of democracy but after the end of revolutionary war, Americawas against the idea of spreading democracy. The constitution was set up in away that was less democratic people did were not able to vote directly forpresident, the senate or the judiciary. This showed the departure of the rootsof revolution. The revolution had political and social changes, politically,the revolution saw the same class of people dominate the government before andafter the revolution.

Socially not much was done for women or people of color.