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The second semester just started and we already are doing a lot of work in English. Right now we have to read “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” and another book of out of 5 books you picked for us to read, I chose “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave”. At first while reading Huck Finn, I was confused with the language being used, as it was very improper and some of the words were spelt very wrong for today’s English standards. For an example the words: ’bout, ain’t, sivilized, uv, ’em, and ag’in. But after a while I got pretty much used to the words, but sometimes the words can be distracting from the book itself. But I’m glad that Mark Twain used that type of English because it makes the story that more real. While reading the first six chapters, many people in the class felt that it was boring. I didn’t think it was that boring, it was more interesting than reading a history textbook. But what really caught my eye was the use of the n word. Especially in this generation, the n word holds a lot of power. Some people think that it should hold so much power, while others think it shouldn’t. I really liked watching 60 Minutes because it really went in depth with the word, and I learned that a lot more people have a problem with it than I thought. But it upsetted me that many schools don’t read the book or use a newer version that has the word slave in it instead of the n word. It’s hard even for me to say it because I feel like if I say the word, then I will be called a racist and I don’t want to offend anyone. I believe the n word holds too much power than it should. By changing the n word to slave in “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”, it changes the meaning behind the book. The n word was a common word back in the 19th century when the book was made, so by trying to make people forget what happened in that time defeats the purpose of history. History show us how we changed and got better as a nation. “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it”, this quote by George Santayana basically describes what will happen if we forget about slavery, it will come back and ruin everything we worked so hard for. Yes slavery was a bad time in American history, but when it was abolished, it helped change our nation to a better and stronger whole. I also feel like in Huck Finn, everyone is focused on the n word and not on the fact that Huckleberry was abused by his father severely. Especially in a small town like the one Huck lives in, shouldn’t people have known that the father not only was an alcoholic that tried to destroy the town, but that tortured his own child too? How come in this time period, it was okay for a child to be beaten? Also, why didn’t they just leave Huck’s father in jail? He went to jail almost every night anyways due to being so drunk and harassing people. It just goes to show that the law really didn’t care what the person did as long as they didn’t kill someone or steal. When people talk about Huck Finn, they don’t talk about the child abuse going on in the book, but the n word, which goes to show the word has more power than it should and that people need to focus more on the book and its meaning than the n word.