The turn to sign their forms and lecturers also

The profoundeffect of the application of computers in institution of higher learning cannotbe over emphasized. Computer is been used to process students admission andregistration as well as their academic processing or procedure.

Besides thatthe result o f the student i.e. fully computerized which makes it easier andquicker to process. This does not stop here; the off payment is also beingprocessed using computer. However it should be noted that any institution ofhigher learning requires the services of principals, teacher, librarians,lecturer, bursars, registration provosts, rectors, vice chancellor and a hostof categories of per efficient and effective operation. It is the leadershipqualities coupled with academic conquests of these principal offices that willintegrate the power of computing with student information system and order toproduce of faster dynamic and efficient of the development.

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            Moreover,an efficient information system of the institution is not of paramountimportance because it assists in the management of student record and also inproviding adequate academic facilities for their students.1.2       DEFINITION OF STUDENT REGISTRATION SYSTEMWhen a personbecomes a prospective student in any institution of higher learning, a record containsthe information about the student like: full name, sex, date of birth, maritalstatus, religion, state of origin, nationality, permanent addressed est.Student registration system could be defined however as a means of providingadequate resources for analyzing, designing and recording student relatedrecords like: student registration procedure, payment system as well as theiracademic records.

1.3       BACKGROUNDOF THE SITUATIONTherelevant of registration concerning her registration are full name, sex, dateof birth, marital status, state of origin, nationality, permanent address andthe sponsors.1.4       STATEMENTOF THE PROBLEMThe main problemfor the old registration system since we live in the digital world orinformation age where the internet is usually necessary and; we are using oldmaterials like paper which has to be signed by one lecturer with the number ofstudents in a university can be stressful for one lecturer and with therestrict deadline makes it almost impossible to make in time and it will belost to everyone especially the students. Also using paper for registration can betampered with or misplaced which will force the student to start all over andthat become very frustrating.1.

5      MOTIVATION OF THE PROJECT The main motivation to this project is thatstudents have to meet several lecturers and wait their turn to sign their formsand lecturers also have to meet many students.1.6      AIMS AND OBJECTIVESThe specific aims of the project are:i)                   Reviewthe existing systems with hope of discovering problems associated with them*ii)                 Tocreate a database per the registration procedure of the institution1.7       PURPOSE OF THE PROJECT            This section gives a brief outlineof the extent of which the project covers.

The project starts with theintroduction of the study, aims and benefit of the project.            It also covers the literaturereview, brief explanation on the existing system, data collection methods asthe computers requirement will be used in the new design.            It also pays attention on the methodused in collecting data analysis of the proposed system and design. It alsotakes care of the implementation and the control system.            Finally, it makes conclusion,recommendation as well as appendix, more importantly, due to time constraintand other factors the project cannot be generalized.

It is only restricted tofaculty of information and communication technology. 1.8       SIGNIFICANCE OF THE PROJECT            Having achieved the aims of theproject, the following benefits are derived:1.         It quicken the registration procedure2.         It leads to the avoidance ofduplication of efforts3.         It provides facilities for decisionmaking process4.         It control redundancy (duplication ofdata)5.         It reduces cost of labour cost oflabour force responsible for scoring and awarding of grades is greatly reduced6.

         It reduces inefficiency and inaccuracy7.         It prevent loss of data i.e. dataduring completion of forms in the manual registration process8.

         It generally saves time 1.9       ORGANIZATION OF THE WORK    1.10     DEFINITION OF TERMS Term Description Algorithm Design Specific method to create a mathematical process in solving problems System Administrator   The person operating the system. ICT Information & Communication Technology